Pox burster teleportation

Pox burster stair teleportation

Was doing the last part of the mission where we are collecting the power cells. we were in the center banister area next to the center mechanic thing. There was a Pox Burster walking down the stairs so I push him back to make him explode out of the team, then I dodge back to get out of the explosion range next to two of my teamate.

The Pox Burster explosion happen at the top of the stairs and somehow even far away from the explosion it teleported three of us threw the center machine on the floor below.

excise vault spireside-13

Steam - PC


Around 16h15 AST


Upload Supporting Evidence:
I though I did capture it with Overwolf, but it didn’t start when I open the game.

[PC] Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
Didn’t crash the online game or the program, so it didn’t produce a crash code.

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