Poxburster blew me into inaccessible area

Issue Description:
While playing Hab Dreyko and fighting off a horde during the scan phase on the upper levels, a Poxburster came out of nowhere and blasted me backward before I could get away. I hit the pipe behind the trash can and fell behind the yellow railing and into a small pit with a pipe that caught me. I could sort of jump to the left and right side of the pipe to get different angles and help my team during the horde phase, since I could still use my weapons and abilites, but I eventually had to just let some Poxwalkers murder me until I could respawn outside the pit and get saved by my teammates.

A while later, I decided to see if I could recreate it by just walking into the pit myself. I jumped on the trash bin and walked into the pit without any difficulty and was left there by my teammates so I could die (which I asked them to do). After a while, enemies stopped spawning near me and I decided to try and get out via spam jumping. I angled myself to the left side of the railing (the one facing the wall with the window on it) and I was eventually able to mantle over, but not without a minute of spamming the jump key and moving about a bunch to try and get some leverage.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Hab Dreyko as Veteran (Sharpshooter) (pretty confident that everybody other than an Ogryn can have this happen to them.)
  2. Stand a few feet in front of the trash can (pictured below).
  3. Have a Poxburster explode in front of you as you’re backstepping and send you flying backwards.
  4. Fall into pit and get stuck.
  5. Play Hab Dreyko as Veteran (Sharpshooter) (pretty confident that everybody other than an Ogryn can have this happen to them.)
  6. Jump onto trash can.
  7. Walk into pit.
  8. Get stuck.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Hab Dreyko


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/18/2022, 7:41PM CST (First incident)
11/18/2022 11:27 PM CST (Attempt to deliberately trap myself.)

Reproduction Rate:
Twice. But given I can just walk into it from hopping on the trash bin, I imagine it can be done over and over if need be. I’d give escaping from the pit a 50/50, if a player even thinks to try and do that given how stuck you feel once in the pit.

Upload Supporting Evidence:

(Image below is from the deliberate recreation.)