Pox burster explodes in any situation that requires it to climb


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Issue Description:

Pox bursters explode when they come across any situation that requires climbing. Walls, spawn walls, railings. Anywhere that an enemy can path but requires a climb action.

Steps to Reproduce:
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Hear pox walker.
Determine closest spawn is a wall.
Hear pox walker explode.

Mission Name (If Applicable):

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Thank you for your report! Very odd though, never seen this before. Do you have a clip of this happening? Any chance they were actually killed by a teammate?

I can confirm that ive seen this happen fairly consistently as well, I just never thought much of it. Its not something you see often though because you need a particular part of a map with a drop to the next section and no doors they can use to bypass it, where a pox walker just happens to spawn before your team drops down and gets far enough to attempt to climb it without getting shot first.

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They explode with no kill log. I’ll try to get a clip.

There are a few sections that I remember: Chasm Logistratum at the end of the bridge leading to Chasm station maintenance access, Chasm Terminus at the wall on the right near the Chasm Station entrance, Archivum Comms-plex in the stairs going down after shrine street (the walls on the left), the rear right upper spawn in the servitor colony in Vault.

This can be easily observered in the Throneside and Spire end of mission events. It you hang out in the area opposite the exit by the giant blocked double-door on Throneside poxbursters will be removed as a threat since they’ll just run up to the fence OOB and die. On Spire if you sit near the medicae specials will spawn and jump over the fence in the corner, but again pox bursters will just walk up to the wall and explode. Also in Chasm Terminus, during the servo skull event Pox bursters can spawn on the cat walks, and only one of those has an open spot for it to fall down to the ground and keep going.

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Can also confirm this happens on those spots where the special would have to climb a fence to get out, they just walk up to the fence and explode.

it happens 100% consistently on the mission which I can’t remember the name of. It’s in the desert area, the map with the servoskull hacking + fixing event as a middle event. I believe it’s the one where the finale is carrying batteries from locked vaults to the middle. Anyways, on that servoskull segment, a poxburster will seemingly always spawn on the high ground on the right side of the room (viewed from where you enter) but since it would have to climb a little window ledge to get out, it just explodes at the window each time.

Yeah, that’s the servitor colony on Vault in the Hourglass.

They can’t vault over low walls or railings either.

Yeah this is 100% predictable. I’ve learned to just ignore poxbursters in various areas as they’ll just suicide many times. If there’s anything they can’t fall off of or run directly at you (Even just a waist high fence) they’ll suicide.

Trying to dig up some examples of it as it’s something I assumed was already known about with how incredibly common it is.

EDIT: One example:

SIDENOTE: It also seems the levels with decryption events such as that one are bugged and have an infinite horde after the event. It’s incredibly annoying. I assumed that was known as well (And feel like I saw a topic on it) but maybe not.

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The only way up is to climb onto that girder. Pox burster died with no kill notification right under the climbing point.

This happens so reliably I thought there was no way it wasn’t known by the devs. I don’t have a video, but there’s a spot I’ve seen it happen repeatedly in Chasm Station, at the hacking arena area. I took this screen from a random Youtube video.

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Turns out this is actually intended - Poxbursters self detonate if they have to climb or if they can’t reach players. Unless this feature is somehow making the special completely and consistently useless in some areas, I believe there’s no reason to be concerned. Thank you all for your reports!

Several event arenas have enemies spawn and climb in which makes the Poxburster a free special in those cases.

Disabling burster spawns on exact spots that have clear and obvious 100% replication rate would be immeasurably complex, hence “not-a-bug™”.