Post Game Stats

One thing that is frustrating in the beta that I have noticed being a Ironbreaker Main, the post game stat list does NOT favor tanks or anything defensive for that matter almost at all. realistically I should never beat the elf or pyromancer in damage when I am spending the time taunting and blocking so they can free hit. Also while playing with friends it feels like that post game stat menu can affect if you get bumped up to that next chest upgrade which has impacted me several times. something should be added so you dont feel like you are just underappreciated and behind by picking something that supports the squad instead of the flashy fireball chuckers.

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Youre stats dont change youre drops “Ranald´s gift” is random for every player in the party
and as a Ironbreaker myself i dont really care about the stats at the and they dont change that
i helped my team and did my job to win.

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I don’t care about the stats to the point where i want to top them all, but it should make it seem like you are doing something that is reflected so it doesn’t look like you are being dragged along by everyone else

Well if you play with friends they should aknowledge that even without stats and
if you play with randoms you probably wont see them again so that shouldnt be a
problem either

It might be objectively trivial and not matter that much, but yeah, it’d be nice to see tank gameplay somehow reflected on the endgame screen, too. Why not track number of blocks or number of block-attacks?

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Yeah pretty much my point, just feels kinda bad haha, but I did get a short response from Devs saying they will be revamping the stat screen which is nice. especially when u have a clutch moment with your ult and save the mission and its like good job you “aided” someone an extra time its just very feelsbadman xD

If you complete the game then stats don’t matter, but considering how classes and abilities change every patch I wouldn’t take stats too litteral. Also classes are quite different from each other. A Slayer will most likely never be on top due to lack of ranged. Yet he is quite useful vs specials, bosses and hordes. That will never be able to be shown in stats.

i haven’t played the release version yet but i heard they implemented a ‘damage taken’ stat. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT! lol

I have been irritated about this for quite a while now, as I play the tank classes too, but lately I have changed how I think of this.

When I play in randoms, it did pain me a bit in the beginning, but now, I don’t care anymore, unless the ELF/WH/BW are dicks, and counter-complain about you stepping into their firing lanes (of which I’m good at avoiding, being the good tank that I am :wink: ) You just have to take it easy, do the team good, and make peace with the fact, that no amount of you telling the troublemakers what you do, will make a difference for them.

Now, when you play with a good team that really click, they WILL compliment you on the way you facilitate THEM being able to do what is essentially their job, the killing.

Any game that has classes will see this, and its just so apparent in this game because of that silly stat screen.

My advice, don’t worry about it, play the way you do, and the right people will put you on their friend list (that’s what happened to me for sure) and you will be able to get into games where they KNOW you do your job as a tank, regardless of the stats.

Well, I’d like to see a “blocked damage” stat instead, the “damage taken” stat, is easily the “cant fend for myself” winner. Even when I do my job well as a tank, I will have half the damage as the others that has no clue of taking care of themselves.

Making it essentially a “losing” stat =S

Exactly the only stat I’d like to see too, otherwise I don’t care about stat screen any more, used to bug the hell out of me, but not any more.

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