Stat Feedback at end of Match

I read somewhere that you removed the Stats at the end of the Match for toxicity purposes, and I understand and even appreciate the sentiment. But removing end of match stats removes my ability to guage my effectiveness in the group. I switched to Sharpshooter and I can tell I am getting some kills in the game, but can’t tel;l how I am doing against say the Psyker to check the new weapons effectiveness. Would love to see something like we had at the end game matches in Vermintide (1 & 2). To add salt to that wound, the game is clearly tracking these things for if you check your in-game achievements. Please consider adding them back. It will definitely add to the replayability for some of us. Thank you!


They stated they wanted to add it back in, but given the absolute state of the game I wouldn’t expect it for a month at least

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They’ll have to fix the penances first or they’ll go over their toxicity threshold.