Possible to build a Handmaiden build for the 2h-sword for Legend?

I’ve tried to play with Handmaiden and Kerillian’s 2h-sword but it didn’t work out as that sword’s thrust just don’t seem to be good enough to take down armoured elites with. And so I have played with alot more success with the shield+spear combo.

But I’d really like to play with a Swordmistress-build for the Handmaiden class.

Thus I turn here in the hope of some assistence before I shelf the Swordmistress idea permanently.

EDITED: And in case it wasn’t clear, yes, I am looking for ideas, and help, on how to construct a Handmaiden build centered around the 2h-sword for Kerillian.

Here you go:



Thanks! I’ll try it out and see if I can’t return with a report.

Throne linked a good one already but if you end up wanting to use bladedancer then i´d also recommend grabbing wraith walk instead of willow to prevent yourself getting stuck.

You can use willow with bladedancer but it does mean you cant use is as freely.

Asrai alacrity is a matter of taste however, for Oak stance is perfectly decent while Focused spirit is actually plenty good if you can consistently avoid damage…and lack teammates shooting you.

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Get 40% crit power, 10% Crit chance, Power from pain, Asrai Alacrity. With full stacks of PfP, 15% innate, and 25% on pushstab you will alternate 65% crit then 50% crit doing a single light then repeating back to the push stab. Mainstay synergizes nicely with so many pushes. Push stab to heavy gives okay armor damage.


Most if not all weapons are viable in Legendary IMO. I haven’t tried the 2h sword myself but I’m sure there is a build that would run it. For fun I’ll play around with it this weekend and post a build.

But to be fair Throne_of_Rats build looks pretty good.

I’ll probably run something like this : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/8/132123/24,8,3,6/16,6,8,1/1,2,1/5,1,2/7,2,2

When running so much block cost reduction I usually don’t use curse resist but you can always just add it if you’d like.

I’ll test it out and see if I have success with it.

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Maybe I should comment a little bit on the purpose of the build, since you have received other suggestions as well and maybe you’re wondering what’s what in the grand scheme of things.

The build itself is designed to work with literally any handmaiden melee weapon that isn’t a shield. The only tweak you ever have to make in terms of melee is to switch to thp on kill if you ever want to use the 1h axe. The longbow, its properties and the configuration of the charm are designed to help you reach the most ranged breakpoints in Cataclysm, if you will ever be interested in venturing in that difficulty. You can 1shot bodyshot an assassin with a charged shot, 2shot bodyshot most specials with charged shots and 1shot headshot any special or stormvermin with a charged shot.

The traits and properties are selected for what is most relevant in the game and will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of overall effectiveness in a variety of situations. The talents are chosen with the same goal in mind. Having an aggressive build with a large DPS is always going to make your life easier than other alternatives. Here you can all by your lonesome crank your crit chance up to +40% and your attack speed bonus up to +70%. In these circumstances, the handmaiden becomes a ridiculous blender that can chew threw mixed hordes, can fish crits with light attacks to ignore armor and generally has a very easy time to gain or maintain initiative.

Also, since you are not using invisibility you never run the risk of smashing your own team when enemies randomly switch aggro on them. You need to be a little bit careful with how you dash, because not having invisibility means that enemies continue to aggro and track you even mid-dash, but what this means for example is that you dash through a horde, turn to face it, block or dodge out of their running attacks, then you execute your own push-attack for the attack speed bonus and you commence delivering the pain train.

Since you want to use the greatsword and in case you didn’t know this, the charged attack has a follow-up slash that is pretty useful. You get it by executing the heavy attack followed by a light attack, just as you do with the glaive.


So after playing around this is my favorite build for 2h-sword


Push and then heavy 1 to kill armored quick. Push attack , light, light for constant wave clear


I want to revive this thread becaue i want to try uncommon weapon like the 2h elven sword as well :slight_smile: and i am curious if there are any new builds for 2h sword handmaiden :slight_smile:

You necroed a thread in the feedback forum to ask for build advice on a career that hasn’t been changed in years with a weapon that hasn’t been changed in almost two years?

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The build I posted above is still pretty much the go-to option if you like playing aggressive and being a blender. But if you’re opting for moonfire over longbow, you’ll need monster & skaven + hunter on the bow and chaos + skaven on the charm. With that setup you can 2-shot bodyshot anything below a wargor on Cataclysm.

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