Possible solution to new careers being unplayable in QP at release

As you all know, as soon as a new career is released, it’s near impossible to get a QP game with it. Everyone wants to play it, which is understandable. So a solution to this would be, whenever a new career is released, all the other careers get 1 new weapon released in the same patch. This allows for new builds and playstyles to be explored with all the playable characters and would free up the new career being picked all the time.

I don’t expect this to happen obviously. Whenever new weapons get released, they feel really great and fine-tuned. Which I’m sure is a process that takes a long time to make. So 1 new weapon for each career released at the same time as a new career is released might not be realistic. But what do you guys think?

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I have no problem playing Engi, nor did I have any problem playing GK.
Set your search to “Strict Matchmaking” which will look for games where the character you’re currently on is available instead of asking you to switch character when you join. If you’re not finding a game right away, you’ll be hosting, and people will join soon enough.
In the worst conditions, meaning 4-5am, I’ve had to wait 5 minutes tops for a full lobby.

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