Please, for new career releases we need a weekly event where players can play as the same character

Solo queuers only get to play with bots, with every lobby being a rotating door of “Player entered the lobby. Player left the lobby.” over and over and over again. This has been a genuine problem with every new career because obviously everyone wants to try them out.

It would be really fun, irregardless of new careers releasing, to have a weekly event where everyone plays as the same character (either as determined by the host’s character or just set by the event parameters), and it would help immensely to fill lobbies while still allowing everyone to have their fun with the new content.

Maybe players could pick a different career if they don’t own or want to play a specific one, but the key feature of the event would be all having the same base character? I only know the way the new careers have been releasing thus far leaves a lot to be desired.

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