Possible movement bug with scythe

Issue Description:
When doing heavys with the Scythe, movement speed comes to a sudden halt. Not sure if it’s a bug, but it feels very jarring.

Seems to be some surfaces. The floor by the training dummies in the keep.

EDIT: So far, I have only noticed this at the dummies in the keep, where it sometimes cuts off the initial movement, or cuts off movement early.


I was a little quick to report, because it felt so janky during testing in the keep. :')

I just assumed it was the unwieldy nature of the scythe.

I agree its a little jarring though and maybe it could do with a teeny tiny weeny smidge less treacle foot when swinging?

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It was ther floor next to the dummies in the keep and didn’t really have the same issue in actual maps.

If you try it next to the dummies, you sometimes don’t even get the initial movement as the attack starts charging, your character just halts instantly.

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