Possibility of Voidsmen joining the warband?

Given how Darktide is focusing on the smaller non-super units (cannon fodder) in the 40k universe. Like Veterans, Zealots, Ogryns and so on, It’s the perfect game to showcase and expand the less represented units outside of the tabletop. And I’m throwing my suggestion into the hat with Voidsmen. Ship based marines charged with the defense of imperial ships from chaos incursion and the occasional heretic boarding party, their disciplines and skill sets make them unique from their Veteran counter part. Trained in heavily armored combat spacesuits and specialized weapons in the form of Rotor cannon and Artificer shotgun, could also give an avenue to add the belt fed autogun/stubber the Derg gunners use and whatever you’d call the Scab gunners equivalent into the weapon pool. Having those heavy weapons draw from the ammo pool instead of mags and requiring to be stationary to maintain some accurate fire or suffer huge bloom.

Along with the new class specific weapons, a blitz utilizing a single use rocket launcher dealing large amounts of single target damage with minimal splash gives a decent boss counter, with concussion grenades giving a horde control alternative. Having a short duration void shield special ability would allow a breather from horde and ranged suppression. I’m confident Fatshark could easily flesh out a Voidsmen class to the fullest, with what crazed suggestions I could offer for a Voidsmen. little details i’d really like to see if added is a unique hud with the full suit equipped, and having dodging ignite the suit boosters with Jets of flame spewing out he nozzles given how heavy the whole suit would be. Maybe could make a special around suit boosters.


I’d like to see a provost or naval rating line where it’s a tank, but mainly from the front. Something like the old Veteran Volley Fire terminator mode (only the damage reduction) from the front and gas grenades that slow or make enemies fight each other.

While it wouldn’t really break lore, the matter that they depend on suits of armour does cause slight problems (Both for Customisation and for introduction, can’t be from Penal legion). But it would end up being redundant with the Veteran being able to introduce all it’s weapons

So I wouldn’t be in favour of it, but I wouldn’t be against it either

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I guess being assigned to the Mourning Star under a form of penal unit detachment due to losing heretic HVTs during the Moebians raid on the Tancerd bastion could serve as a worthy introduction, Ordered to serve under Grendyl in his ultimate goal. It’s 40k sometime they don’t really need a justifiable reason to punish someone it’s funny like that idk. The suit idea could be weird but i’d like to see some creativity on Fatsharks part, space man would be fun. Plus it’s 40k, systems, armies and weapons can just be made up and turned into canon on a whim if CA’s allows it. Plus i’d like to see some diversity in the roster and just adding it an armor set in cash shop would be incredably lazy and dumping the weapons solely on the Veteran even more so. With how poorly the first year went and the original roadmap falling apart. And we may not ever get weapon attachments. Even if it’s not Q1 or 2 of 2024 adding more classes can only help.

CA ? You mean Creative Assembly ? They don’t own the IP, and they to have to follow the direction of GW

But a new archetype mean:

  • 6 New VA with X amount of voice lines (Unless restricted to 1 gender)
  • New tree
  • New Cosmetic sets

This is a lot of work, for basically getting Veteran 2.0

New Archetype won’t happen before a couple of year at the very least, and if one is in the plan already it’s an Admech one.

Atm they are exceeding the things they’ve promised (Classes being changed to branches, where we got 8 of them instead of the 3/4 we should have gotten)

And Weapon Attachments wasn’t on any roadmap since before launch of the game (See CoD comment)

CA i was thinking Total, GW is what i meant.

I don’t see how a voids men (which is basically going to fit in the veteran archetype) would participate in missions on the planet unless they were incarcerated first. A voids mens official business is to stay on the ship and repel boarders I think.

I get that, there’s tons of different flavors of Guardsmen in the 40k universe Skitarii, Voidsmen, Scions, Arbites and other lesser known units. I would like to think that having a Skitarii Vanguard/Ranger or a Scion would be a little more than a Veteran skin or minor skill tree branch, even if they’d function like a hybrid of what we have. If nothing else could add a Scion class and have Voidsmen as a tree section.

Yes, please!

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