Positive Social Interaction Reinforcement

Right now there is no reason to act kind to others or be sociable outside of basic human decency, 9/10 matches everyone has voice disabled/or no one uses their mics. This isn’t a terrible thing on it’s own but there is an opportunity to foster positive interactions and more interactions between players.

An individual player decided commendation system would help to show that someone is a “positive” player and give players a reason to have positive interactions with each-other. I would also suggest that there are a few different categories such as:

Kind: Used for when someone is pleasant to play with, sociable or otherwise pleasant.

Knowledgeable: Used for when someone is helping newer players/has valuable input on a topic.

Leader: Used when someone is calling shots in a non-obnoxious/micro-management sort of way.

Solid: Used when you think someone is doing a good job and is non-confrontational.

Alternatively you can just make it an additive score that totals all of your commendations regardless of type, and if you wanted to see a more in-depth score you could look at the player’s profile. This would probably be the most UI friendly way of doing it because that would be a lot of information to display for each player with the current UI.

Important Implementations: The scores must be visible in the pre-game lobby, and the commendation assigning should be done in the end screen, you should be able to see when someone gives you a commendation. Throw in some penances relating to this as well with a border or trinket of some sort. It would also be important to make sure that you can only vote for an individual player once per week instead of after every game or only once.

Obviously you can’t control how people use this system, and if someone has 1,000 kind commendations they could still be unpleasant, everyone has those days, but with a system like this it might encourage people to be more social.


Good idea. But first they should just fix the social tools that already exist. Previous matches list is broken. Can’t keep the team together after a match. Etc


Yeah priority should definitely be to get current social systems working, I forget if they have just scrapped the “stay together as strike team” vote at the end of games, that was a good idea but it never worked.

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getting into games with people from previous games would be great… that would build relationships ingame and make ppl want to play more and maybe even talk tk eachother ;). team continuation feature was supposed to be there on lunch but it was broken.

this and sooooooo many other features could be added to improve QoL, forum is full of it

i wish someone from FS would be tagging posts with ‘cool idea’ tag so that they could be prioritized and eventually implement.

Tbh that mechanic always seemed a little unnecessary to me; it should instead just keep the team together by default. People can “vote” to leave by simply selecting leave strike team from the menu. Very simple, no extra UI or voting mechanic required.

However, they should add a button to the end screen to re-run the same mission with the same difficulty and modifiers with the same team. That would address a lot of the annoyances with the broken social tools and a lot of the annoyances with not being able to select missions/difficulties/modifiers.


This system was tried in Overwatch and failed. IMO such systems actually bring out the worst nature in people who now feel they have a cost-free way to report people they don’t like to the nearest commisar.

I’m very favorable to the return of the stay with team button. And i would love a “retry” button.


I think it works well enough in Dota 2, though I don’t expect any matchmaking based on behavior score because that would be a lot of coding for little “seen” impact.


overwatch was a compettative game, so the culture is sadly going to be differant to what one would find in co-op focused games.

I beleive that should be considered.

But your suggestions are also good ones as well.

as for what I think, I’m not sure if OP’s suggestion will or wont be the right one, problem is with many games you have differing communities around them.

So the trick is tailoring this system to work with the players in a way that’s a net posative and not something that will fade away with time.

It’s just one of those things that’s tricky to get right. But if it is done right it would do wonders for everyone. So i’m for it.

I came up with a similar idea once :wink: - a commendation function

But truth to be told we need more elaborate “communication” to say what we need “in character”. Commendation is ok (I’ve seen it in CS:GO), but more markers or commands would be better. At least that’s what I think.

Also I see more useful 2 “commendations” below:

'- You’re prostituting yourself off for Plasteel again?
'- A man’s gotta upgrade.
If it’s not D: 300 PS: 805 it’s a failed run.

“The Necronomicon, quickly! Did you bring the Necronomicon?”
He will grab ALL the books.

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I know this might sound overly simple but they just need to add a Rock n’ Stone button. It’s such a small thing but it adds an in-game way to acknowledge other players in a positive way. Someone does something cool? Hit the button, they reply with the button. Someone saves your life? HIt the button, they reply with the button. About to head to guaranteed death? Hit the button, they reply with the button. I can guarantee this would encourage positive player interaction and it’s as simple as assigning a “For the Emperor” to the V-key.

Also personally I don’t really think commendations do as much as people think, mainly because they’re after the match is over. So instead of encouraging positive interaction when it matters, during the match, they just sort of become another statistic that quickly loses its meaning.


This, I was about to say it.

If there is anything the shirtless affair and any other multiplayer games can confirme is that the best way to build a community is to give them tools to be stupid together.

The hub in Vtide was small enougth to help people talk to each other, do jumping puzzles and rp together. Emote of sitting in elevator are great etc…

Emote and voice lines in game would be great. Plus some place in the hub to socialise with better light, some interaction etc… So it isn’t just a greenish dark room where you rush to get to the map (or mod to ignore)

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Was just playing a game of VT2 yesterday and saw someone sitting on a pedestal while waiting for others to catch up, I tried doing the same myself and kept failing, so without saying anything they stood on top of an adjacent pedestal, then used the sit emote to show me that I had to stand on the pedestal, not next to it, to do what they were doing. Emotes like that probably seems useless to a lot of people but giving people the ability to interact in ways that are “inside the game” as opposed to just text chat can be really important. I mean even the text chat interactions I have are often ironic RP’ing as if I’m my zealot going off about the emperor or heretics, so why not give us ways to do it without having to “break the 4th wall”, so to speak, of going into text or voice chat.

Yeah I have my voice comms off now. I loaded a heresy match no one joined then three people join right after it starts. All playing together all get on mics and harass me for the duration of the match before they vote to kick me at the end so I couldn’t get any rewards. I didn’t have my mic on so I had to try and defend myself in text chat which in turn made me worse so it fueled their ammo to throw at me. Worst gaming experience I’ve had in a long while. Now I play with no voice chat. If you want to be a cuck to me go ahead and type that out then.

Why do you care what someone at heresy says? They are obviously not very good at the game :joy:

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