Position in queue

you have got to be shitting me
its like overwatch 2 all over again
get more servers so that your game is playable

#24,950 here

This must be their attempt at “fixing” the various server errors.

So much engagement in their beta, like 15/20% less than the V2 total lifetime on Steam and they still don’t bother to increase capacity?

Great idea to add the soundtrack into this waiting screen. It’s almost like you knew it’d be bad?

  1. Wait in queue forever
  2. Game is out of date
  3. Enjoy the queue again

Lmao, fatshark in a nutshell

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Place in queue 32990, are you kidding me Fatshark? Just let me host my own game then if your servers can’t handle it.

Hope this doesn’t persist or that’s going to be an instant refund.

Called it. They had server issues when in Beta so there was no way this was ever going to cope with a full release and a much higher player count.

I don’t understand why we’re getting 30k queues when there’s exactly as many players online than during this week end, which had no queues

Waiting for the premium currency “skip the line” item lol.

It’s like a themepark.

32000 in line then booted with a backend error.

This will last at most a couple hours then likely never happen again. It only happens because a massive amount of people are trying to log in at the same time, which is obviously only happening because the game just released. Calm down. It never happened in the beta after the initial launch, either.

Because those players last weekend weren’t all hitting the login serer at the same exact time.


Hmm, queue is gone now, so that’s good.