Poll: Do you think the Itemization Update will Release on June 25th?

  • Yes, the itemization update will release with Mysteries of the Machine God
  • No, the itemization update will be delayed
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This is asking whether or not you think the itemization update will release on the 25th or not. This has nothing to do with the statement Strawhat made in the Skulls announcement post.


If this is intended to gather stuff about Fatshark comms, it’s kinda redundant since pretty much everyone on the forums knows its not guaranteed to drop on the 25th.


It’s asking whether or not people think it will release on the 25th or if it will be delayed. Nothing about it being guaranteed.

Do I need to clarify that in the post?


Nope! If the goal is to gather community mood about just that, you’re good.


I think it will be included and broken and/or disappointing.


Its either delayed or pushed live somehow broken. Any other option is a pleasant surprise but i rather just have the minimal of the minimal expectations at this point.


levels haven’t before been seen if they don’t delay the update so they do coincide but clearly that’s none of my business

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I feel it won’t ship with the update and will end up not being what we wanted.

This may be excessively pessimistic but I have no reason to trust Fatshark until we see what they’ve actually made.

I’d like nothing more to be wrong and to have them drop this massive overhaul worthy of ‘the largest team’ and six+ months of work, but that doesn’t seem likely.


Yep, that’s not unlikely.
At the moment I just think that they will push it into the update. It’s just my feeling. :sweat_smile: FS is extremely slow with updating, so if they don’t release it with the update I’m not confident saying they’ll release it a few weeks later. Probably more like months later.

I think your pessimism is more likely realism when in comes to FS and Darktide as a product. They didn’t really do much… In all regards. Not a lot of content, not a lot of bugfixes, not a lot of communication.

I’d be very surprised if it was a fully fleshed out overhaul of the whole itemization. I still believe that they will mostly keep their current systems and might add a way to break the locks or a way to get higher rated weapons or something along those lines.


The first announcement is the announcement the announcement has been delayed.


Almost all previous history with Fatshark points to this, sadly. Doubly so since they’re making dang sure any and all feedback will come far, far too late to impact their work.


FS has summer vacation time off. If we don’t get it on the 25th, we probably won’t see it until late August or after.


After @Hank_jw and @Incandescent specifically went on record repeatedly to dampen our expectations, my money is on no.
Had I not read their statements, I’d have gotten very disappointed at june 25 I think.


Yeah I mean they don’t work for or talk for FS, but they’re also in the special server of hand picked people, so presumably they’re currently testing whatever system FS has cooked up.

And seemingly not confident it will be in working order for the 25th.


I take their word as Gospel on such matters. They clearly have insight we don’t.

And you can bet stuff will be bugged. I’m just waiting for the new items to have wrong descriptions like <language_file_localization_en> or such. And maybe item tiers not dropping properly or whatever.


To me, I read it more as, “If we don’t think it’s good, we’ll try to make sure it’s delayed and fixed.”

Personally, I’m not attributing their statements much to whether or not it will launch on the 25th. Just more Fatshark in general.

I agree with Kurt that I think it will release on the 25th, however it’s hard for me to be objective because I just really want something good to release on the 25th, so I’m just deluding myself from what will probably happen.


Lets just expect it to come as late as possible. Then it would come as a surprise.

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Don’t worry though. I am sure the playtesters will make sure the update is excellent. You can trust that handpicked people, most of whom have been in private discords with FS since VT, and consists of ‘famous’ modmakers, streamers, people they have flown to Sweden, have been given moderator jobs etc, will be completely impartial and totally hold FS’s feet to the fire if the update isn’t up to par.

I have total trust in FS and their unpaid testers.


I mean, going by the track record of companies, playtesters are ignored on the regular anyway.

I don’t know all of the crew. But I know that the modding scene is as tidy as it is for Darktide, because the communication on that front actually does go well. The modding discord has a good link to the dev team. It’s a rarity to see.

But it’s also true that Fatshark pushes things out the door when they feel pressure, with a “we’ll fix it along the road” mindset. So yeah.

If anything, we get a new map and some new weapons on june 25. That’s a good start.


FS does seem to ignore feedback in general. But I also suspect things are pretty darn chummy in that discord. It’s their ‘core community’ after all, which they love hanging out with.

I can’t help but feel that if the testers in that discord was adamant about their critique, it would be difficult to ignore. If, for instance, the entire discord refused to test penances, because it was obviously foolish to work on that before crafting etc… it might have made FS rethink stuff.

Or maybe not. Who knows. It’s closed little circle of NDA anyway.

(And it’s not just the combat lead who left who thinks of them as the core community, Aqshy kept referring to them as core as well.)