Policy on mods?

I’ve been searching for a definitive answer as to the acceptance or not on the use of mods in darktide. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find a direct answer?

Or if fatshark employee happens to come across this
Only 2 mods are of interest to me
1 post match score/contribution totals
2 I saw a streamer playing a true solo MOD (no bots)

thank you

thank you

This game really needs native scoreboard at the end without need for mods. Don’t want to install mods to then worry about compatibility in every game update.

Or show as post match report once every has left party and back at base. Means no toxicity at mission end.


Considering the Darktide Modding Discord (that also interacts with a few Fatshark devs on occasion) is actually curating the Nexus mod uploads inofficially, it’s pretty much safe to say that everything on the Nexus is good to go and sort of “Fatshark approved”.

If there was something rule breaking on there, it would be mass flagged within a day and taken down.
Additionally, Modders of the Discord only help you with your mod support if you stick to those very same rules. So yeah.

Feel free to load up on them mods.

One of the modders here. FS have turned off anti-cheat in the game and the policy is that mods do not modify non-modded players’ experience, circumvent progression, diminish people’s time spent playing the game or outright cheat. Also, that mod users do so at their own risk.

@Mayson is correct that the mods on Nexus are likely all safe to use. However it’s not true that they’re curated by the Darktide Modding Discord server. Anyone can upload a mod that deletes your computer files, and Nexus Mods’ virus scanner does not check for malicious software in mod Lua files.

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