Pls help my zealot lvl 30 is broken

Hello i cant que with players anymore on my lvl 30 zealot i used also in the beta where it all happened.
I hoped it would fix it by itself but its not.
anytime i que up with my zealot i never get players and i tried everything…
when i que up with my lvl7 sharpshooter also made in the beta i get players all the time.

i hope you guys could check into my character because something is wrong.

Microsoft Store

I won’t be able to help with this directly but I can raise it with our developers. What is your GamerTag please?

My GT is LocoDutchGuy440

I’ve added this to our database. Thank you and apologies that I’m not able to help immediately.

Whats the plan after this is this gonna be fixed or are they gonna look into my account somehow ?