Please stop letting the Director spawn Specials right behind you with NO WARNING

I find packmasters really lack sound queus in this game , 8/10 packmasters ive been caught by were unheard by the entire team

They very silent sounds compared to other specials and are called out only when looked at unlike other specials who are called out depending on range only. During horde fights they can be really hard hear, but I don’t think I’ve met but a single truly silent so far. That is why best defensive locations have long, narrow corridors instead of a funnel like a door that conceal packmasters before they snatch a player with nary a warning.

But while I rather like the design, I wouldn’t mind a little higher volume rattle on their sticks as it is usually the lack of call outs that gets you anyway.

Left for Dead is way easier. And the gameplay is no where near as good. What makes it better is that it had a bigger budget allowing for a more complete game. That and modding. It is legitimately that it doesn’t have as many bugs,can actually afford to balance it, and has modding that makes it superior.

You can shove gutter runners right as, or just before, they tackle you, you’ll take the initial hit but it will knock them off. It’s also possible to shove a hookrat and break their grip right as they grab you, but much harder and isn’t really a reliable defense - if you’ve got nothing else though…

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I think there are two points here.

  1. There should be a minimum distance from any player, within which a special cannot spawn.
  2. There should be a minimum time between when any character gets an audio cue of a special’s existence and when that special can attack (i.e. if there hasn’t been an audio cue yet, the special is unable to attack).

As far as I’m concerned, these two minimums might shift with difficulty setting. However, these are both rules that the game really needs to observe, because defeats that feel random (as opposed to earned) will turn a portion of the player-base off the game entirely, and Vermintide needs a community in order to function.

I don’t know to what extent rules of this nature are already in play (and need to be adjusted) or non-existent.


I agree with this, it is one of the bigger gripes I have with this as a sequel.
You never had this issue in the first game. So it feels even worse when three of our players are down in champion mode and our dwarf single handedly finished the Remainder of the swarm and two storm-vermin… when suddenly the game spawns in TWO rattling gunners in the same place, TWO assassins and then a leach.

You see in the last game we used to say: ‘we got the crappy end of the stick’. Because you could start a match and instantly face a swarm followed by a rat ogre and some storm vermin. But it was done in a manner that wasn’t unconquerable. Hard, but doable.

In this game however we end up saying: ‘this is a forced loss then’. Then concede and start another one. Because there are certain circumstances (even in veteran, though much rarer) that the game doesn’t bother taking the metaphorical stick out of the crap bucket to give to you. It simply throws the bucket at your head and once you’re unconscious it proceeds to crap in your mouth.

And that isn’t fun. That is a waste of play time. Because everyone plays this game to succeed in missions, whether they want to play it on easy or struggle on hard. Taking the chance away and saying no isn’t constructive.

I will say though, that it isn’t just specials. Certain times I have physically witnessed random enemies spawn right behind a player, right in front of me, inside me. Or simply phase through a solid brick wall on the edge of my screen to whack me. These are things that skill cannot account for. And thus they are things that need to be high on the fix list.

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I think the game spawns more specials if you go away from your team right? If it were up to me I would bypass that if your teammates are down or killed. That way you can have one survivor run around like mad and save the day, which would make for some thrilling heroics and good stories.

Killed players do not count for rush intervention and I’m pretty sure downed ones don’t neither.

Well, you had like 1.5 sec to react and he was RUNNING into his spawn point.

guess the devs need to add a difficulty called peaceful and have the ai only spawn in pigs and wheatfields. bbq for sienna and a maze for bardin.

the ai director is meant to direct ai in the game. the ai in the game is your enemy. they will attack you when they are aggro’d on you so if you think the ai director is trying to kill you isn’t fair, that’s like saying the police are bad because you got a speeding ticket. it’s doing its job.

and for your few instances where the enemies pop into existence, if you see them pop in, then it’s one of 2 factors:

  1. you have very low processing speed and it didn’t render in yet

  2. the ai director spawns enemies based off of difficulty measurements and spawns in an area that it hasn’t detected a player in yet. so if the ai is in the process of spawning enemies and you move into a new area, you are naturally going to have it happen.

  3. you not hearing them…turn your game audio up, every enemy has a sound. wheather it’s yelling, metallic clanking, gas rat gases, etc. there is always a noise if there is an enemy.

  4. you not being able to react…how hard is it for you to press the right mouse button when your finger is already on the button and only needs to flex. I bet you haven’t dodged an assassin’s leap or a life leaches succ on purpose yet either.

  5. gr8 b8

holy sigmar bless this ravaged body

It’s because they spawn only a few feet away from players and people using active skills have the dialogue cut off every other dialogue and delay it.

You’ll probably take the pounce damage if you’re not host. Always try to move to the side and push them while they pass by you to ensure they die.

Isn’t this just saying that it is implemented badly and/or does not function correctly? Cannot the director check for areas before spawning enemies? I’ve had hordes spawn when all four members of the team are right next to the spawn spot (empire in flames: outside of manor). Never had it happen in L4D, so it is not some magical limitation AI directors have.

i mean it is a limitation. the ai director pings player locations over a constant set time. what that exact time is between pings, i have no clue, but if you sit in one area for a long time, you will never see enemies pop up next to you unless it’s the life leach teleporting.

This is a mistaken assumption on your part, though you might have reasons for believing it. Two days ago I was playing “festering ground”, I was hosting, and I assure you that computer is up to the task (newer gen i7, 32GB RAM, 1080 GTX ti).

I was taking out the last corrupted nodule (or whatever it’s called), it was the one you shoot on the ground floor though the wooden fence. I had scanned the area behind me. I turned and saw a ratling gunner materialize directly in front of me – I killed it with a flaming skull, and was snagged by a hookrat from behind me. This all happened within 1-2 seconds, and my teammates saved me. But I think I was standing in a location that was favored for enemy spawns, and they spawned there regardless of my proximity. Again, I literally saw the ratling materialize in front of me, and I had scanned the space behind me (where the hookrat appeared) no more than two seconds earlier.

The director still has some bugs in it as regards the spawning of specials. We’re competent players reporting what appears to be a technical problem, not newcomers griping about the difficulty of a game.

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those specials have been spawning like that since they “fixed” stuff with 1.0.4+ updates

No, this is not a new issue. Like so many issues in the game, it has been here for a long time and has still yet to be fixed by Fatshark.

no,they actually have been spawning like that since closed beta,an issue reported many,many times.

It still happens. Gutter runners spawning directly behind you in pounce animation,attacking half a second later. Ambush/hordes spawning all around you and your team,all in attack range. Warpfire throwers spawning right before your eyes,already in attack range. Packmasters spawning inside a horde behind the 2nd/3rd row of rats.

not to mention chaos/stormvermin patrols teleporting directly in front of your team and triggering immediately.

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when i did the open and closed beta’s i never had an issue with them. it wasnt until 1.0.4 when they would spawn on top of you with no audio warning

Well,maybe you didn’t have an issue with it,many others did. Imagine that.

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Agree with junglejollies, Mojo & other people.

Not only spawning of specials, in Champion tier I’ve seen several times a full team of rats/chaos/stormvermin patrols have been spawning/teleporting directly in CENTER of us without any warning.

For example, Righteous Stand in Champion tier, arrive with the elevator at the top floor with 2 doors. Once I was going to check the right door (a small room) for any dice, a player was standing on the elevator without action and the other two were going to the left door ( the mission path). After I’ve checked and turn around, a team of rats were spawning in the EMPTY room definitely in front of me and the player standing on the elevator.

it’s just unfair.

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