Please Sanction These Mods

These are quality of life and nitpicky mods that I would like to see sanctioned.

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Custom HUD isn’t even applied, so it won’t be sanctioned for now. Likely reason is that it’s still considered a work in progress by its maker, and I doubt he’ll apply it for sanctioning until he deems it ready.

I think Weapon Zoom is unlikely to get sanctioned, as it gives a clear gameplay advantage to its users. Hopefully it does get enough attention to get some of its changes added to the base game, though. Some weapons’ zoom functions (Bolt Staff first and foremost) could certainly use tweaking.

More generally, while posting about certain mods you wish sanctioned will get the mods in question some visibility, it won’t make the mod team that much more likely to pick it up for the next round. It’s been said by Robin (the dev most involved with mods and sanctioning) that they have several criteria for picking the next mods for review, one of which is popularity represented through Steam Workshop upvotes. So that’s the way you should go to see your favorite mods see review as soon as possible.


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