Weapon Zoom

Please, let the mod Weapon Zoom created by V | Fractically be sanctioned. It applies some really cool tweaks like adjusting zoom of the weapons. I played 1 game as Waystalker without zoom on longbow - and the gameplay was 10 times better! Share your opinions about it, please.


Makes beam staff much more pleasant to use too as you have to zoom in and out 2-3 times to quickly kill a special on cata.

Maybe a mod that just removes the zoom without adding any other functionality would have a higher likelihood of getting sanctioned.

Being able to disable zoom on longbow is all I want. What’s the point of reducing your vision degree in a game where you need to be careful about attacks coming from all sides? It doesn’t make sense for me. I love using longbow, however the zoom ruins entire expirence to me.

I’d love for this to be sanctioned. I’ve hated the zoom changes to huntsman’s longbow ever since they were implemented, and much preferred it when it could be used without zooming in at all.

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