Please reduce the huge amount of grinding for levels and weapons

If the terrible optimization doesn’t put off new players, the huge amount grinding will.


weapon grinding is fine. that stuff is end game but leveling up doesnt need to be so long. or keep it all the same and allow xp earned on a max level character be shared to another of your choice so its only a grind for your first character.

I would also reduce the weapon unlock level, like having all your option around level 12 so you can enjoy your caracter while grinding up.

Leveling, I agree in some sort.
Grind, I disagree. We will be able to craft weapons. There are few shops in hub which start working after Nov. 30

no, not fine :confused:

I disagree on that one

Leveling up was engaging

You get enough money every level or so to go check the shop and update your gear with what’s available, you get to test a bit of everything, the pacing is actually well thought out

It’s when you hit max level that the gameplay loop falls appart, and most of that has to do with the time gates

When you should transition to character optimisation using resources and higher difficulty special rewards, you instead only get to look forward the next hour, the next 24h, and the next week

This is a major design mistake that is going to destroy player retention