Please make Chaos Warrior/stormvermin Overhead attacks do damage to infantry enemies

I think it’d be awesome and hilarious if a fanatic lunged at you while you’re dodging an overhead slam only to be devastated by an overhead. Gunners, flamers, gas rats, etc. all do friendly fire damage already, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented.

It’d really emphasize how deadly these attacks are and drive home the uncaring brutality of the skaven and chaos.


I think this is an excellent idea. I think all the bosses already do this for their AoE and slam attacks, any enemies that get caught in the crosshairs get smashed.


it would be a nice way to balance the fanatic who decides he’s gonna hide inside a Chaos Warrior’s crotch for free unpunishable swings, but this would be a big nerf to patrols if it meant that you could just hold block and let them kill themselves.


That’s a good point, make it so they can hurt the trash but not each other

That’s why I suggested it be restricted to infantry types only. It wouldn’t affect elites, or armored, so it’d be limited to slave/clan rats and fanatics/raiders only.

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it already does damage to enemies. I’ve been saved from an assassin twice in my lifetime by a stromvermin (when playing Champion). It’s just the AOE is so little, that an enemy has to stand literally on top of you to take damage.

I would be happy if they would just stop it happening THROUGH other enemies into me when I can’t even see it coming and then it takes off 3/4 of my health.

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