Please just add the ability to lower texture quality

Or lower the density of the detailing in the world. This are very common settings in almost every other game and would fix 90% of the communities performance issues


I would like that too. Graphical fidelity is nice, but it should never come at the expense of gameplay.

overall the settings are very lackluster, i made a post talking about it and that didn’t even come to mind, I had to open the game to check and yeah. reminds me of the closed beta where they didn’t even have mouse sens

I think part of the performance issues here, maybe even a large part, is that the physical geometry of the levels is really really ridiculously detailed and you see a lot of it all of the time. There are just a crap ton of polygons being displayed all of the time. Even if you turn down all the fancy post processing stuff and lighting effects you’re still left with a heavy load to process.

That there isn’t a way to turn down textures and model details, especially for the world, means that the floor of what you can expect performance wise is still pretty heavy.

This may explain the heavy reliance on DLSS/FSR since you’re effectively forcing the game to process less detail by processing it all at a lower resolution and using fancy tricks to smooth it out afterwards. The result is that all the effort that went into making a detailed world turns into a blurry mess. Would’ve been better to just have a simpler less detailed starting point.