A little more LoD control, please?

I’ve no idea if the engine allows to do this easily, but I would really like more control over the level of detail range in this game. The detail pop-in is really bad by default. You can routinely see objects popping into existence. I can understand enemies, these are on the director, but seeing entire barricades appear piece by piece as you come close to them… That’s baaaad.

I’d honestly rather lose 10+ FPS and deal with hitches or stuttering than have to see sacks and boxes come into being, or to see houses change shape as their low detail textures are phased out.

I mean, come on… even the statue of Sigmar in the keep disappears if you look at it from near the Bridge of Shadows. I can’t take it. It hurts. Please.


I’d like to see this, too. High end machines already run the game exceptionally well, and even people on mid-range or lower rigs might value this over, say, shadow quality or max shadow casting lights.

Pop-in is really bad on the Festering Grounds forest at the start. The first couple times I played it I got jumpy that a Skaven was hiding in the bushes when really it was the plants changing from the far to near model.

IF IT MOVES KILL IT!!! just to be sure!!!