Compared to something like Doom Eternal this game has very poor performance

Just wanted to say that performance wise this game seems very badly optimized.

I have an i7-7700K with 32GB ram and RTX 3060 ti, and to get consistent >60fps I basically have to lower all settings to near minimum. I usually play around 45-55 fps in most situations(with some maps like Hab Dreyko, or the large open hangar rooms in Relay Station TS-150 performing abysmally, some times below 30fps), and only when I look into the floor or walk in a tight corridor with no visibility directly into a larger open area do I get >60 fps.

I have DLSS on and on performance. I play at 1920x1080 despite having a 1440p monitor. I have textures on low. Mesh distance on lowest possible setting(so basically all geometry around me is at it’s ugliest no matter how closer I walk).
Light quality on medium, SSAO on low and have disabled all glow, lens, and bloom effects. With these settings the game isn’t particularly pretty at all. And yet compare that to a game like Doom Eternal where I can get >100 fps consistently with everything at maximum possible settings(excluding ray-tracing), I think it shows this game has a problem.

I can’t really determine why this game performs so poorly, as it’s not obvious visually what the big difference graphics-quality wise is supposed to be between this game and Doom, and why this game seems to run between 30%-50% of the fps.

And Doom Eternal at max settings looks amazing. Certainly prettier than this one does at the settings I have to run it at, to get at least playable fps that isn’t headache inducing.

If I max the settings in this game without ray-tracing, I get the same fps I get in Doom with ray tracing enabled.

Engine wise this game seems to have poor performance. In terms of visuals what this game has going for it is great artistic architecture. It looks in style like a 40K universe. But that seems to have come at a large cost of performance. Not sure if that’s more a problem with excessive use of detail by the artists, or whether the engine is just poorly optimized. Whatever the case it’s disappointing and negatively affects gameplay. I get that this is a newer game with a new engine, but when I can set an older game on settings that are frankly prettier than how I have to run this game to get playable FPS, and still run better, then this game has a problem.


This game also runs very poorly on their servers :person_shrugging: Imagine how bad the CPU performance would be if everything wasn’t server-side ?

I recently tried the experimental build of the game that is accessibly with the beta key a developer posted in the random crashing thread, and I’m happy to report it had a huge impact on game performance. In some cases I’ve gained up to 40 fps, while overall it seems to have improved my framerate by 15-30 fps in most situations. A huge positive boost. It’s also made Hab Dreyko an actually playable map for me now, which is cool as I generally like the layout and gameplay of the map. I had hated it before because it performed so sluggish.

So for anyone else with performance issues the Experimental build is definitely worth trying.

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Agree with your observations overall – DT clearly isn’t optimized well. But one big difference between DT and Doom Eternal is that Doom Eternal doesn’t have hordes like DT does, and it’s during big horde fights where DT struggles most (for me).

True enough that the size of hordes in DT are usually way beyond the number of enemies you fight in DE, and that is sure to impact fps considerably when then occur. But for comparison, I could run DE at maximum settings with ray tracing enabled and it would still run better on my system than DT with maximum settings but with ray tracing disabled, just from running around looking at the maps.

That said the experimental build did considerably alleviate my fps problems so the game overall runs much better now. Not quite as good as DE, but much better than it did pre 1.0.22.

This key can be used to access the experimental build: