Please improve the Lucious Hellbore Lasguns

Lol, well that’s better than nobody. What do you think of the Lucious pattern lasguns, My complaints and my answers?

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Agreed. As it stands getting charged weak point hits reliably is almost impossible, and the bolter performs better in pretty much every situation. Kind of bonkers to design something to be used as a precision weapon and then give it terrible sights that are obscured by the charging effect. Getting off well-aimed shots in a low-visibility horde shooter is hard enough as it is.


I’d say all suggestions are worth considering and trying out. Then they should stay with what works well. For me personally, better sights/scope plus full charge shot on release of the trigger, would be enough. I would not mind really if they even put on it Anti-aicraft MG sights, as long as you can see your whole target while aiming for the head.


I’d still like to see the gun get some improvements, but I tried one with decent stats and a quick charge rate yesterday and it actually slapped through a match. I don’t think the trade off for worse weapon sights and slightly increased damage per shot is worth the slower effective fire rate, but it’s close to being competitive. It just needs a nudge.

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They should at the very least move or reduce the size of the charging effect so you can actually see your targets

Iron sights on a lot of guns seem a little too clunky/chunky compared to what actual iron sights look like

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Just tying this together with the other big thread I made to better the odds this weapon gets fixed


Oh yeah the bayonet sucks - instead of a quick stab it has a super slow windup to the point where melee enemies will get a hit on you while you’re waiting for it to swing

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@Crea: Don’t use the Type III variant of the Lucious Lasrifle. It’s bayonet attack is indeed really slow to use.

@Lovetruffle: Yeah, lately I’ve been using one in most of my matches. Mostly because it’s cool rather than because it’s good.

It does at least have an advantage over other lasrifles in that it easily penetrates armor so VS armored enemies like the armored ogryn with the maul, you can benefit your team with quick kills. It’s just not good at all for accurately picking off enemies; which is what you’d expect it to be good at…


This was my first weapon of choice, I really enjoy it! it is difficult to use the sights for headshots because of the particle effect but luckily for me My style of shooting is flick shooting. I aim beside my target then flick over to headshot. Very effective and fun. I will go back to it from time to time to keep things fresh.

(Also it helps that I have a high stat roll on charge up and damage combined with the perk that ramps up charge time the longer you aim down sight)

That being said a few changes would be nice

  • once beam is charged, can hold onto as long as required
  • bayonet, the thrust animation is quite good (perhaps a little more damage). The swipe animation could be more usable (luckily you can still thrust when aiming down sight)
  • seems like it should have a 2x-4x power scope…but thats just me

and personally, Id like a perk or trait that allows it to penetrate…rail gun please lol

the iron sights or HORRIBLE, they need a fix you can’t see a damned thing.


so true.

the only use i see is with more than one Veteran in a Group.
One brings Kantrael for sniping, one brings the Armour-Killer.
Plasma works fine, Bolter should work too, or Lucious.
But believe it or not, Lucious feels more clunky than even Plasma. Slow to fire, hard to Aim with, and it eats Ammo so better not miss.

I wish i could add a scope to it, then i would consider using it.

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Yeah, you basically have to invent tricks to compensate for the inherent difficulties this gun presents when aiming. I personally often just fire from the hip with it. It’s more accurate than firing from the hip with the Kantrel lasgun and it may miss at times but at least I can see my target.

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Yeah, pretty much.

Been leveling a vet and played around a bit with a mk I hellbore I got. Visibility while charging is definitely an issue, as well as not being able to hold onto your charge shot. The thing that really kills it for me though is the lengthy equip animation. That makes sense as a balancing factor for bolter but I can’t for the life of me work out why this gun needs that hindrance. If you could pull it and immediately start charging a shot that’d probably be enough on its own for me to seriously consider it. Some of the other changes suggested here would be nice too though.

Does a high stability roll help the weapon sway much?

Kantrael is better in every way. A fully charged lucious does only a bit more damage than a normal kantrael shot.
Kantrael has better sights, better ammo, better damage, better rate of fire etc etc.

Lucious should be the heavy hitter of the lasguns but is one of the weakest.

Yeah, the slow equip animation is rough. I would also like to know about whether stability helps fix sway.

Yeah, I agree. And the light is arguably better than the bayonet as well. Only reason you’d use the Licious pattern lasgun right now is because you are willing to sacrifice a lot for armor piercing ability or you are willing to sacrifice effectiveness for rule of cool.

Sweet, this most recent game update improved the Lucious lasguns a LOT and gave me a lot of what I was asking for here and a few things I didn’t ask for.

I still hope they consider adding a parry to the bayonet attack when you hold it before attacking just like the Brtonnian Longsword.

I only got a decently rolled Hellbore MKIII with no interesting blessings at all, but that thing slaps now on Heresy and Damnation.

Aslong as you are able to aim for heads it deletes Elites and Specials. The DPS is great and allows you to easily run Volley Fire for aslong as there are targets. The Monster damage is great too.

The only thing it absolutely struggles with are normal range mobs. It takes forever to kill a camp of them. A rather harsh downside, but, I guess, a necessary one.