Please help a newer player understand the complete lack of health in Veteran difficulty

I don’t get it. In recruit, there’s plenty of health for everyone, more than you could need. The enemies die easily. In Veteran, there’s virtually no health. It’s a tougher level, you get no more XP than in Recruit (my game says 200% XP regardless of difficulty). The enemies require MUCH more effort to kill… and yet… there’s virtually no health pickups. So what’s going on? Is my game bugged?

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The EXP tables were changed to give Legend EXP for all difficulties to help newer players level up.

The harder difficulties are exactly what you would expect. They’re harder… less healing, less items, more damage and more HP on everything, more elites and specials. Veteran difficulty can give items with a hero power up to 300. Recruit only gives up to 100. Then you have Champion and Legend which can give legendary weapons and items. They always have max stats no matter how many times you reroll them.


If the difficulty gap is a bit much, try clearing all of the levels on recruit with your preferred character & focus on practicing your blocks and dodges. You won’t miss the health as much when you switch over to Veteran & you’ll get a frame for it.

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Going from recruit to veteran is just like starting a new game-

You sit there with weapons and trinkets that each have like 5 power each and no other benefits with a upper limit of 100, then in the next jump you have weapons and trinkets with 100 power each+minor bonuses but the upper limit is 300.

Its a jump but it keeps things interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

The higher you climp the more emphasis the game puts on your melee skills and setup, stuff like learning to dodge/kite multiple enemies or alternate between attacks and blockpushes for hordes.

Well the basic dodging enemy&boss heavy attacks as well.

Keep playing and testing, you´ll figure it out as you go^^


A big aspect of the game is health conservation; health is just a resource you spend. Prior to having temp health generation with level 20 talents, you just have to be conservative, work together, all that. If you’re really worried about it, try running with a Merc Kruber in your group, he can give you temp health with his ult.


Thanks for the perspective everyone. I think the drastically low amounts of health is still a major issue especially with four players needing it, but I appreciate the perspective.


Just practice dodging and blocking more, once you learn the enemy attack patterns and get your rhythm down you’ll be able to play higher difficulties in no time, although only jump to higher difficulties once your certain you know you can handle it. A good indication of this is getting bored with the lower difficulties. Lastly i wouldn’t recommend using shields as they teach bad habits and are generally useless/underpowered on higher difficulty levels.

If you’re on Xbox and want to run Vets or try champ add me. I can help run you through and get some better gear.


Well, what level is your character? At lvl 20 you get temp HP and can pretty much survive off this all game. I play WS mostly, and i run natural bond on my neck which pars really well with her passive HP regen. So I normally never need healing the entire run unless I get really unlucky with specials or face spawning patrol etc.

On legend and I think champion, you can only go down once before you die. So you normally save your healing until you actually do go down. Once you get temp hp and master dodging/blocking. You will be fine. The game gets more intense and fun in my opinion. Give it a few weeks, you’ll be running Twitch Mode on 10/10 and can’t believe how easy and boring recruit was.


That’s interesting considering most of the legend+ players find the game extremely trivial currently and are waiting for new difficulty to come up.
So from that pov i cannot really agree with this statement but i can tell you like most people in this topic that it gets easier once you reach level 20, once you start hitting those power breakpoints and once your playgroup starts to actually get the hang of the game you really should not have the need for healing items in veteran.
Heck the people i play with on legend currently barely even pick up healing items because it wastes time on runs.


It’ll all come around with practice, chief! It is a big jump from difficulty to difficulty, but it’s super rewarding when you learn how to overcome those barriers.

The #1 tip I can give you for survival (though a few days late and I’m sorry for that) is to practice blocking and shoving. Blocking conserves health that you would otherwise lose and shoving staggers the enemies better than any attack can :slight_smile:

As you go on, try to master one more concept of survival with each difficulty. Blocking/Shoving for Veteran, dodging on Champion, and teamwork on every difficulty. By the time you get to Legend, you’ll be able to handle anything they throw your way :smiley:


@tanelorn If you are from Europe I’ll be glad to join your group and assist you with overcoming certain aspects of the game. It could be fun and educative :slight_smile:

Why not join the Fatshark Discord