PLEASE give console an easier way to true solo

Maybe not a popular opinion but sometimes you want a real challenge and trying to kill your bots or get them killed by enemies is horribly annoying.

Ammo box at the start of the map would be nice (although it would still be dreadful and not viable for slayer)

How about adding a “bots die in 1 hit” option when you press R3 for extra options like “host lobby” “make game private” when you select map?

Learning how to true solo/duo is not easy and you will wipe a lot at the start, having to spend 5-10 minutes at the start of the game trying to make your bots die is not fun. I’ve even put the worst gear on them and it doesn’t really help.

I know it’s a co-op game but it’s still something a lot of players want to atleast TRY and it doesn’t take much on your part to give us this. Show the console community some love, for once… please. We have shown you so much love, keeping your dying community alive in the worst times. and honestly the hardest part about the game is trying to get your lobbies to work and play with other players. sometimes im not sure it’s even a co-op game. We still have DCs and game crashes although it did get better after last patch.

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Even PC doesn’t have live ways to true solo. That’s been always modder territory. There’s an easy way to TS (“easy” in quotation marks) on console, and that’s to dump your bots at T1 on skittergate and how a couple PS4 peeps have been handling it. Once WoM comes out, your TS desires might be appeased as, at least as of open beta, weaves have a lone warrior option and they’re not balanced any differently than the duo/trio/quad options.

When Panik and I did true duos a month ago, I just roasted our bots and off we went (Sienna recommended).

I’m unsure (and somewhat skeptical) if FS really has plans to support TSing in base game as that somewhat breaks the spirit of their adventure maps, but I’d love to see mutators/limited time events like singles, “couples” etc (Valentine’s day couples QP mutator haha).

+1 for ammo or equipment box at start, however.

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