Add an ammo crate to the start of every map for people who want to do solo/duo runs

I have been watching a lot of people playing solo/duo runs for fun and people just killing bots are the start of runs so they can practice their classes. The runs seem to get pinched on whether or not they find ammo after having to spend it killing the AI.

Ammo crates just at the start of the map would help them out. A good place to put them would be before the first drop points so they can’t be used to ranged clear exploit the first zones while still being useful for the runners.

This is like a “maybe one day” idea though.


how about just adding a solo/duo mode in the future as just a “maybe one day” idea?

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Solo/duo modes, Deed challenges for all levels. Fingers crossed

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This seems like a bit of a band-aid fix rather than just adding an option to disable bots.

Yes that is exactly what it is!