Please gimme Spawn

Hi! I really like the new Chaos Wastes - the game is much more balanced now and the experience from playing it is smooth and good. But I want to ask you for something. Can you give me “Spawn kill” for the CW skin challenge with Shade? I already did about 20 expeditions with her. I completed all Belakors challenges along the way. It happened twice to me that the game crashed just before the last map where were chaos involved and just now I killed the Spawn on the last map and the game crashed a second after that.
I really hate to play the elf. So you may imagine how I feel now. Can you please just give me the challenge so I do not need to play her anymore? I already did it.
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I found it! And it was not on the last map so the game did not have time to crash. I also had another two Spawns on the last map and off course the game crashed while I was killing the second one. :smiley:
Anyway - no more playing the elf. Hurray!

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Same man…same i detest playing the elf…ive been playing for years and still dont have all her trait slots unlocked xD