Please, do wake me up when it is time



Must be difficult being an elf waiting for mayfly devs. :smile:


Waking you up for what?? :thinking: :thinking:

I’ll wake you when you get your Phoenix Crown back :fire: :fire: :fire:

Now srly though? Kerillian new career? Or Chaos Wastes?

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@Jaffawer is asleep

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I think he can talk about the 2 dlc. It’s way too long and above all no communication. I remain polite but it is still abused the lack of communication that they have towards their community. For example Chaos Waste which must be released this month if? The teaser came out 35 days ago and still no news? We will soon be April ??! Hallo? Is there anyone in there?

If you keep your eye on the SteamDB history you will know two separate DLC packages got added within the last two weeks. They are still unlisted, and we aren’t even halfway through April yet

There being two DLC is interesting though, could mean next career at the same time as CW

re: lack of Chaos Wastes communication

[Fatshark] Hedge [developer] Apr 9 @ 6:57am
It’s a tricky one really. When we do go hype players tell us not to. When we don’t they tell us to hype it. For Vermintide we just plan on working on content, doing focused testing with a solid and varied set of players and iterating on that content and then do a short pre-release campaign before dropping the content to the wider community.
You might not like that, but it’s how things will be for now :slight_smile: in the case or Chaos Wastes you might be pleasantly surprised as to why we don’t need to push too hard. Time will tell though.
Originally posted by Haggis:
I could do better marketing
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Is it? For an elf, time has a different meaning. From their perspective the released content should appear to be as fast as from a wanna-be Legolas Swiftbow shooter.

Man, Legolas has ruined a whole generation of gamers -_-

What a bunch of gooey nonsense. You either develop stuff in secret or hype it for the release and not some months before. Well at least don’t pout about people reacting to this Chinese water torture of a PR scheme. Not like we can drag anything out of you about stuff we are wholly unaware of, can we?
I mean, noone’s asked FS about Versus ever, and?.. Is it also people’s fault you decided to blurt abunch of stuff about it and then shut up for a year?


I’m pretty sure the Lohner chronicles provide a good indication of how close they are.

The definition I use when I read some of the Devs’ answers is “amateurish”.

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Hedge said it best, we really can’t do anything about it though, except ride out the storm. At least there’s a fixed date now, we know something is coming by the end of this month. But for now, we should avoid venting our frustrations on these forums, it just creates a storm of negativity that no one likes.

I believe that Fatshark also cannot wait to share the content with us (because it gets them paid, duh!) and would love nothing more than to deliver a great product and I shall wait until the end of April for it.

Well…it´s pretty evident that they are a studio of a few fellows with ideas and a surprisingly large know-how to realize those ideas but there is a large chunk of history supporting the idea that they lack a few things.

Like a “complete know-how”.

I base that on how a lot of the stuff they promoted like versus or content delivery promises (hero cosmetics) and whatnot just never worked out and do not seem like they ever will. Ontop of the massive boatload of bugs which seems to be growing rather than shrinking at times.

I mean, we got bugs from the beta period which have either just flat out managed to stay around or even make a comeback and are now here even years later…so yeah their product promotion schemes and coding are messy.
It´s pretty clear something aint working right when not just one or two but many, even fairly big, bugs are making comebacks or not getting fixed at all.

I’m not frustrated by FS’s release schedule - I don’t care about the releases anyway. I can play the game with my friends the way I want already. What I’m referring to is Hedge’s passive-aggressive pouting attitude towards people who ‘tell FS not to hype’, which relies on the assumption that those useless tidbits of info that they release on weird times is actually hyping. I apparently do not think it’s hyping anything up because it is poorly done and the timings are awful. That is what I was talking about.

Also, if anyone thinks there is too much negativity on the forums, they can just click that little ‘x’ at the forum tab in their browser. That or just put me on ignore for example. Cannot think of one reason this argument is worth discussing frankly.

That ‘cannot’ help part can be true, which speaks to the professionalism of the PR staff. And tell me, how did FS get paid for those Versus posts?

April 20 2021

“Free update”


@Jaffawer stirs


They still insist to put on new features, to make complete overhauls, etc. But they have no clear idea on priorities or about the real direction of the game.

When I asked why the bugs were coming back , he answered me that programming is a difficult job.
Well, if I would have answered a customer like that, the bare minimum I could have received was a warning from my direct superior.

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Is it not pretty obvious that new content is their priority? To the point where they often sacrifice game stability and introduce tons of bugs for it? At least that was my view of it.

Them needing a lot of time to make it happen during covid is another thing.

As for direction, what do you mean exactly?

They introduced a lot of new features, some of them nearly untested or experimental. And old features like deeds or crafting are still in beta status.

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That´s not a lack of direction, that´s just a product of priorities and Fatshark has made it preeeeetty clear they like making new stuff more than fixing the old stuff. Or that they are better at making new stuff rather than fixing the old at least.

A lack of direction would be doing a bunch of things at the same time but getting nothing done as a result of not having any project get enough work invested which is not what´s happened. We did get things.

Even if we didnt all like them-

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@Jaffawer has awoken


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