Please add weapon customization for optics

I get that we can install a mod but I’m really tired of the irons on the hellbore series and after seeing what I assume is a las sniper in the new carnival mission laying next to a table it made me a little jealous of the traitor arsenal.

I get that hedge made the whole statement that " its not cod " but how hard is it to make optics an option, it doesnt break the lore otherwise the sniper in gaunts ghosts would have been shot just for picking up a traitor weapon in book one when they were using those odd weapons that fired the glass barbs into people.

Optics are not tech heresy, please let us at least change between irons, holo , red dot and a 4x scope or at least improve the sites on the recon and hellbore series.

I don’t like modding in multi player games.


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