Please add V2 swag to Steam Points Shop

V1 Steam Points Shop page:

V2 Steam Points Shop page:

It would be really cool if Fatshark added some V2 swag for the Steam Points Shop such as new career specific backgrounds and new emoticons.

I know Fatshark might not have a lot of time to do this so I would be down if they did another contest by letting the community make the new backgrounds and emoticons.

I just cannot get enough of Vermintide!


That current launcher theme with the grail knight with beams of light above his head could be a great animated background on steam points.

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Aren’t they earned through the steam trading cards got a Kerrillian background from it on profile.

That’s weird because I have the V2 Saviour badge at max and nothing has ever shown up for me in the points shop…

That’s why I came here because there is literally nothing there.

No, they are …… different. What the OP means is the Steam Points Shop with points you get for purchasing stuff through Steam. In many cases (if not all) the items from the Steam Points Shop and from Trading Cards crafting are identical. However, point shop let you chose the item and is bound to the account. Items through crafting are random within available pool and can be traded/sold.

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I’m glad someone understood me! This might be why nothing is showing up for me for V2 in the Points Shop. It’s somehow different and maybe Fatshark has to give Valve permission to add those items. I wish I knew how it worked. My friend just recently told me about the Points Shop and I had over 10k points which I blew on various items including animated stickers. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? lol

I like to be able to pick and choose which backgrounds I want. As you can tell from my Points Shop page that I bought the V1 Kruber background :smiley:

Plus it would be neat to have V2 career specific backgrounds. Not just a random Kerillian one lol

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I don’t think we’ve interacted with this system yet, it kind of sprung up on us! I’ll have a poke about!


Thanks Hedge! That would be awesome! :smiley:


In meantime heres link to other system!

Yes, please!
Maybe even add some animated backgrounds and avatars in the Item Shop? I don’t think it’d take that much effort and I’d dupe all my points in it, no doubt.

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I had a dig about in there, I have to say it’s not particularly intuitive. Doesn’t seem to be much control we have over putting things in the Points Store. I’ll email Valve and see if they have any pointers.


Even if it has some limitations i highly sugest you tank trhough it, theres an almost infinite amount of chat groups that vary for a couple of hundred users to the hundred thousands, a cool animated portrait can promote your game(s) even if its user is idling, and a cool animated emote can also spark interest in the title since you cannot have it unless you own the game and played it, specially if its something thats useful outside the context of the game.

For portarits you could try to port to steam some of the most used in-game portraits, like that one with the moon and a green glow, most portraits in the steam points shop are really really bad, the bar currently is so low you can easily put something low effort and get it trending.

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yeah would love to see some lil Kruber emoticons and stuff floating around

also more verm related profile backgrounds

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I didn’t know you wouldn’t have much control over what items you could put in under your game. That is odd.

I do appreciate you trying though!

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I just took another look with fresh eyes and I see the problem. I’ve fixed that problem, now we wait for the valve review! Thanks @SirKruber

Once it’s live we can look to see what additional stuff might be able to go in there!


That’s amazing! Thank you!

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So I seem to have been able to get the points store working. Hoorah! I don’t yet know how to put in anything but emoticons and wallpapers since it seems connected to the Trading Cards at the moment, which have limited options. I’ll keep digging.


This is excellent news though! Thanks Hedge :smiley:


I’m stacking steam points to buy upcoming VT2 steam items :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Heres a good idea for animated background: the patrols marching.
its just easy to loop if you set it at the right angle.

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