PlayStation Player Suffering Thread

I mean this mostly out of jest, and only a little in the hopes the devs see it and take pity. So, PS players come in and let’s suffer together!

I’m willing to bet the PS playerbase is pretty small. But I’m also willing to bet PS players would happily pay a little extra to get updates quicker, if that’s even a dev decision and not Sony. I know I’d pay more to get that sweet sweet Warrior Priest before Christmas, or just after, not what is likely to be the end of January. After all, we did get Sister at the same time as everyone else.

Is it my fault for playing on PS? Yes! But it’s also FatShark’s fault for making a good game I desire to have more of, the worst transgression of all.


This is what you get for hogging Spiderman!

We do hear you yeah. It’s never fun getting stuff later (although it can have some kinks ironed out in time for the release, so there’s some pros to the cons).

In this case it’s simply lead time. For PC we control what and when we release stuff for the most part. Xbox has a lead time for releases, and at present Sony has a longer lead time for releases. To sync up on all, we’d need to hold content for longer to go through the longest potential lead times - in this case right now that’s Playstation. Sometimes we’re able to do that, but other times where there are other moving parts (in this case, the TGA show where our reveal and launch was planned for) we couldn’t make it for Playstation.

It’s never out of spite, though. It’s just a matter of timing.

I had a feeling it was something like that, or maybe awkwardness in porting to different platforms. Thank you for the informative response!

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