Players with Nazi names

Just ran into this guy. Blocking isn’t enough in a case like this, there needs to be a way to report trash like him.

darktide idiot name


Well actually , Furher is German for Leader. So their name is actually , My Leader. Really would be the context on which he named himself that. Now if he would have named themselves Hitler, Goebbels, or Göring then I would agree that there is an actual issue. Not defending, just stating that his name are actual German Words, not names.


I am not defending real life racism, but 40k is one big mashup of racism and xenophobia lol its part of the lore, also the humans are essentially germany in both their design and beliefs. Also “Mein furher” simply means “my leader” in german. Essentially what @Ragnarok said. If they arent names related to real world people, then what’s the issue? Sounds more like a karen problem tbh


stop making rational thoughts!


Bit of an overreaction. There are way worse name on the internet trust me.


You just sound soft complaining about this imo. His name isn’t Hitler.


Everyone here is a Nazi apologist. Get out of here bro. Disgusting.


Furher is spelled wrong. It´s Führer in German.
And it`s a bit of an overreaction. The actual filter is enough.


For real. Just straight up defending blatant Nazi dogwhistling. Creeps, the lot of you.


sick of all these nazi incels ruining this game


no one asked but this is a place for opinions so ill share mine. Personally, I think that’s a very weird thing to say, simply questioning something’s validity, intent, or just not thinking something is a big deal doesn’t instantly mean that they are something terrible. I think that people forget that the Nazis (in this case) were terrible people who did things that most (if not everyone) in these forums can not even comprehend. (also worth mentioning that they are obviously still around and have less than savory opinions imo, but, unfortunately, they are intituled to them) back the main point though, in this particular case, I don’t think that instantly assuming that this person meant something terrible. Although I agree that this isn’t really a good look for the guy (cringe and edgy at best) I don’t think that calling anyone who doesn’t instantly think that this person is a Nazi a Nazi apologist is better. Its just as edgy and gaslighty as the guy who named himself mein-furher to bait people into getting mad. As a Jew I do hope that hateful people learn and improve and maybe the world will be a better place, but this approach of just throwing around very heavy accusations (even though its online and anonymity and blah blah blah I get it) isn’t much better, more productive, or helpful than calling yourself an edgy bait name.

TLDR: calling people nazi apologists is a very bad thing to do all things considered. Although I get the intention (and maybe I would agree with you in a different situation) and although its a small thing that doesn’t really matter maybe take some time and think about what you say online. After all if everyone did that we wouldn’t really be in this forum lmao. good luck in the hive reject. FOR DA EMPRA :smiley:


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wrong guy woops U 2

I think it’s pretty clear that this guy named himself this in reference to Hitler and the Nazis.

40k is an “ironically” fascist setting, theoretically to make it so that there aren’t really good guys and you can feel free to root for anyone . . . but of course people just still sympathize with humanity, so I don’t think it really works.


i mean I agree kind of. like i dont think its unlikely but at the same time he would have just google translated my leader into german bc of the kriegsman or something. but in general I do agree that this is prob something weird and cringe. its just bait though, I highly doubt that this is a representation of his political views or something.

It could easily be internet dank trolling, yeah. But let’s not lie to ourselves; without going into nasty details, fascism is widely rehabilitated across the world and is getting more popular. The people who saw how dysfunctional and horrible it was are dying off and it’s got uses to people in power.


personally ive never seen that. I live in an area that is generally speaking very progressive but I try to keep myself as informed as I can (since that’s the most important thing if you want to actually have good opinions on things) I would say that people who have these opinions generally try to hide them as best they can outside of their communities (other people who have the same opinions) I wouldn’t say that darktide is a game where one would assume sharing those opinions is a good idea.

Im sad that no one remembers or cares about the bolsheviks genocide of the native christian russian population.


you’re very naive.

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Chuck his name into google translate and see what comes up. Is it “Hail Hitler,” or simply “My Leader?”

That’s right, it’s just a phrase in German. Stop being a turd.