Player respawn moves in front of player

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In a public pug. Cannot remember the map, damnation.

When I was heading to rescue to captured teammates they vanished in front of my eyes and was relocated to another spawn position. The spawn was located just at my crosshair on the screenshot provided.

When I was at that range the spawn relocated.

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I do not know how to reproduce that bug but it has happened before.

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Yes, but I haven’t tried disabling them

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Rare (<10%)

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PC - Steam

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Yeah sometimes the AI will move the players spawn point forward, this is quite buggy, sometimes this happens during events, so if someone dies you cannot rescue them until after the event is over, even though they;re suppose to respawn during the event. It’s a real problem.


I’ve had this happen at least a half-dozen times over the last week or so, it’s definitely prevalent enough to be a genuine problem.


This happened to me yesterday. I was playing the investigation mission when it occurred. In fact, when I look at your screenshot, it was that exact same spot as well. They were right by the door that you go through to get the elevator door open, and when I got close, they teleported further away, past the elevator to the second floor of where you do your first scans.

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