Player replaced bot with tome right at the end - tome not counted

Issue Summary:
We were at the end of a run on Screaming Bell, had 1 grim and all tomes. One of the tomes was held by a bot. Just as we reach the bridge of shadows, a player begins loading into the match to replace the bot. The match did not end until the new player had loaded in, at which point the match instantly concluded (even though I was outside the bridge of shadows in order to be able to see what’s going on outside and potentially help the player as they will have to get oriented first after spawning). Only 2 of the tomes counted.

Either the tome of the player who just replaced the bot didn’t count, or the one I was holding because I was technically outside the bridge of shadows (but then the match shouldn’t have instantly concluded when the player was done loading).

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This happens to me all the time on Xbox!

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