Rescued from being tied and already holding a tome and a grimoire []

Issue Summary: I joined an in-progress Athel Yenlui champion match, and spawned already tied down and waiting for rescue. I was watching the others play for around a minute, and collect the grim before they have rescued me. When I was rescued, to my surprise, I was already holding a tome and a grim. (Perhaps the items of the player or bot who previously had them weren’t cleared when they died?)

Attached is a screenshot where I was revived holding a grim. (Notice the chat log showing those who picked up tomes and grimoires - I wasn’t one of them. It only showed other players getting a tome and grimoire after I joined.) Also attached is the console log. The game was the last I played before exiting the game and uploading the console log file.

console-2018-09-12-09.45.03-1777DD8D-3141-46E8-99E0-74F0 respawned with tome and grim.log (2.2 MB)

This is pretty much purely a guess, but possibly you started to join just before they got completely downed, and completed the process during the respawn timer.

You mean the bot I replaced was downed and was being revived as I joined? I spawned already tied up and waiting for rescue. I’m assuming the bot I replaced was also already tied and waiting for rescue just before I joined. When I spawned, I watched the others play for around a minute, and collect the grim before they rescued me. That’s why I was surprised to already have the grim and the tome.

I mean it got beaten down, but not out. Then you started joining, but that took enough time for the bot to get killed and respawn, possibly starting at the very moment it died. Which would mean that the items would’ve gotten transferred to you while the bot was still not out, but the joining process interfered with the item cleaning. I’m kind of curious if that could also end up giving four Tomes, by leaving one where the bot died but also retaining it in the inventory.

I’ll say it again, this is guesswork on my part, so hardly any weight should be placed on correctness of this.

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I see. That is possible. I’ve never seen that happen before, though. Is this something that you’ve seen happen before?

Nope, and I don’t have that much chances to either as I don’t generally do Quickplays (or other public games either). Just speculating what kind of interactions could cause that kind of thing.

It’s not a bad guess. I’ve seen similar reactions when a player has left the game when dead or about to die (hard to tell), where the bot replacement is suddenly up or running or downed/possible to rescue.

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