Plasma gun vent rework

I think vents on special action and reloading should be be reversed.

  1. Special action should provide slow vent and not take HP. Heat generation and vent speed from 100 to 90 also should be scaled so you can’t abuse it in the way “click once to drop thermal overcharge to 98% and shoot again” it should be more a thermal overcharge managing, not brainless spam.

  2. “Reloading” - no need to reload ammo anymore, plasma gun have just one big clip. Reloading provides full fast vent now, but also eats signifficant ammount of HP, let’s say 12% for example (or 8% or whatever will be ok). So you trade your HP in extra hard situation when you need to shoot right here right now, almost like a panic button.

Current mechanic almost force people to use reloading even if overcharge isn’t on a critical level.
You also can’t use vent on reloading if no ammo in reserve.


Why not switch those around?

Cause the current suggestion would make me want to punch designer in the face for making Reload/Quell button on a single gun damage you while putting quell on special action.

I’d rather see Plasma gun not using ammo at all.

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Not sure what do you mean. Current system doesn’t make any sense, special action button - quell, takes HP for slow vent, while reloading don’t and provide full vent. My idea is quell should not take HP, so you can manage it by yourself how much time you spend quelling, more time you spend more shots before overcharge you have, time is a payment itself. Just like with staffs. And full vent a.k.a “reloading” will be fast, but you pay with HP for ability to drop your overcharge to 0. So in the end DPS of plasma gun will be higher becaus of “speed” component. If you mean reverse button for these actions - whatever, it’s not even a thing, in current system you quell on special action anyway.
And again -you can’t use vent on reloading if no ammo in reserve in current system

You’re asking for button that people reflexively press to reload and quell to be one that damages you. It’s gonna pis$ people off.

Eh, you can swap quell to be on “r” (just like psyker’s staffs) and a full vent on “mouse button 4”, it’s not a big deal, my idea is about buffing plasma via changing how vent works, not about key binds. Again, in my idea you don’t need to reload ammo anyway cuase only one big clip.

just make venting and reloading the same button, and instead pressing once to reload fully you have to hold it down, as long as you hold the key you will vent heat and charge ammo up, once you release the the key it will stop at that amount (not required to load fully)

Allow to vent even when mag reaches maximum and vice versa

HP dmg mechanic can then be scaled on different factors,
for example only dmg hp when venting above certain %.
tho i would remove that mechanic completely, and just go with a full detonation on overcharging above 100%

In a world of minor inconveniences it’s a huge deal.

Uh, maybe it’s better for plasma when “r” works like on staffs, maybe like on guns. Matter of habbit? But maybe @cedric.d.schmidtke right, it’s better with push once/hold system.

Put all ammo for the gun in one big pool, so that it does not use magazines anymore.

Reload: Slow vent without HP damage (like peril quelling but slower).

Weapon special: Fast vent of entire heat (0.5s) with HP damage based on heat vented.
Maybe with an animation where the red hot coil is pulled out, shaken real quick and put back in, while the hand gets burned.

Or allow the gun to keep being fired when overheated, but each shot also damages the user.

The solution is simple, remove the damage.

There is less ammunition for plasma, slow refill, easy to overheat, shooting requires pre-charging, the rate of fire is slow, this already has enough negative effects, heat dissipation damage is unnecessary.

After paying so much, it can’t even kill an ordinary range shooter with one shot, simply because it is blocked by its arm.

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