Plasma and thought about what feel wrong

i did begin to play a lot plasma and i have a few grips with it.
the pro:

  • good damage against any type of armor
  • can pass througt cover for blow enemy
  • good ammo capacity with the last patch

the con:

  • the vent system
  • the bulwark shield can still block plasma when it can ignore cover
  • the dps is not that good and need to be checked.

ok let’s start with the vent system… the whole heat system can be nice but the whole vent system feel bad… i’m sure i’m not the only vet using the reload perk for reload instead to vent. why? because we take damage… about this who is the one that did design a vent system directly aimed to the face of the one using the gun? a follower of slaneesh loving pain?
how solve this? get ride of the damage taken by the venting system… it’s still 4 second long for take all the heat out… means you need to stop firing for 4 second.
yes you can interrupt venting but you will need to redo it, really fast… without forget this, with the heat system a lot of blessing feel bad, like how you want to continue fire for long for get the benefice from them?

for make simple the plasma is the only weapon of the vet that punish you for play it. i understand that they did wanted to make feel like you take risk to use it… but we do have the whole heat system and the chance to blow ourself… why punish us for venting when even the psyker don’t take damage for take out peril.

now the bulwark shield… seriously, how a simple sheet of metal can stop a plasma shoot when even cover can’t? we can even shoot throught door.

dps, here i don’t say that the damage per bullet is not good, i say that the damage per second is low. means because of the charge and the damage that is just a bit more than a bolter that can shoot fast in comparaison we can’t compare… when i see a bolter unload his magazine in a monstruosity and destroy his life and me with my charged shoot dealing nothing in comparaison while loosing the time to charge the weapon…
yeah i know that dps is hard to balance but i feel something must be look at for make the plasma a good alternative to the bolter (and no i don’t ask for the bolter to be nerfed)