Plasma Gun feedback based on Bulwarks

So with the Plasma Gun’s ability to pierce thin walls and light cover how is it that this feature hasn’t been made to counter bulwark shields by just shooting straight through them.

Shouldn’t this be the weapons feature to make it stand out a bit more considering that it already kind of does this but not for the enemy that is walking cover?

Without having to activate volley fire to make the stagger last long enough for a follow up overcharge round?

It’s not like their aren’t ways to ignore a Bulwarks shield outside of flanking them or just waiting on them to strike so you can get a direct hit without being blocked by it’s shield and pray they don’t get Staggered back into guarding pose from a different source.

It’s just that the only way to ignore a shield head on without having to stagger them is a Psykinetic Pshyker’s Brainburst or a Surge Force Staff.

This also personally brings into question if you will make the same choice to another weapon that has been leaked a long time ago that isn’t currently in the game known to be able to melt through armor like butter being thrown into an open furnace that weapon being the Melta gun.


These two shots do like 25% normal damage (and cause the shield to stagger away)


Well is suppose it’s good to know that I’m wrong about the Plasma Gun not being able to damage a Bulwark without staggering it first when facing them frontally.

Doesn’t really change my opinion that the Plasma Gun shouldn’t still be able to just hit them through the shielded area at reduced damage and take full damage from a Plasma Gun when hitting those two exposed area’s.

Kind of leaves me more confused on why other projectile weapons can’t just harm them in those same spots they even have the carapace armor on those two spots to make it seem like that’s supposed to have been the case.

To be fair, I haven’t tested other weapons and now that you point it out I think I probably should haha!

I do agree that it makes sense, if firing through cover is intentional, that Plasma Gun should just be able to fire through Bulwark shields the same way (since they’re thinner than a lot of cover in the game).

I also think Bulwarks are tied with Hounds in terms of which specials deserve the most polish improvements. Basically they need to try to improve how closely the visuals represent the shield’s protection, and let players land hits anywhere else. And if that means slapping a Carapace gauntlet on their exposed hand, then yeah do that…but don’t have the Bulwark’s hit detection feel really wrong all the time to players, because that’s not fun.

This is on a bulwark that is in idle animation.

For exaple, ragers can be easily staggered in the meatgrinder, but when they are in their attack chain animation during a mission, they have a much higher stagger resistance, and some attacks will no longer stagger them.
I think the same is true for most if not all enemies that are doing something else than their idle animatio.

So unless you can stagger the big boy by shooting his shield in a mission, this meatgrinder performance won‘t count for much.

What do you mean?

  • The thing is definitely staggered either way, regardless of animation, if you hit its arm or shield.
  • It’s ambiguous if damage happens during a mission, but seems almost certain given it applies damage during the idle (stagger resist does change by animation, but damage resist doesn’t).