Placeholder (#NAME?) in description feats of maps in Chaos Wastes

Placeholder (#NAME?) in description feats of maps in Chaos Wastes Cata. Same completion bonus trait (+60 block angle) for 2 maps.

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I could be wrong about this but i think its the + healing and + monster modifiers that have gotten replaced with the #name? one.

+Specials as well, which is the dangerous one -_-

this is bugged for months now, there is probably missing a punctuation mark in the formatting code, how is this not fixed yet…


I mean I can understand prolonged fixing times for the consoles because updating the game there seems to be kinda iffy and always need to be communicated with Sony or Microsoft.

However for the PC? Some things should simply be fixed faster unless they have absolutely no idea where the issue lies or there is a larger update anyway in due time (less than two weeks). While it is not “gameplay” related it is still an issue if you chose a map just to find out that you just hit the jackpot by accidentally picking +Specials (on a Tzeentch transformation lightning map).

Probably because:

Vermintide resources were shifted to Darktide resources to be considerate of Darktide developer workload during the launch period. We are waiting to see how Darktide performs post-launch before reassessing our resources.

- Developer Stream Recap: 27 May (emphasis mine):

Given release rates for quite some time after darktide was announced i cant help but suspect this has been the case for quite some time and not just something recent.

I mean seriously, it took em more than six months to add a missing line of code consisting of 6 words to fix halberd back after the big weapon balance patch.

Oh well not like it changes much :sob:

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