"#NAME?" as description for Chaos Wastes map modifiers

Not much else to be said, as seen in the picture is displays “#NAME?” instead of a map modifier in the selection screen. (Twitch mode was on if that matters.) Forgot to check what if any modifier there was in the game.
Was playing with someone streaming the game on the German version at that time, I believe they also had the same name issue with this one and possibly more modifiers.




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The Changer of Ways strikes again!

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You know, that would be really clever and cool actually (and infuriating) if the Tzeentch cursed maps or even the whole Tzeentch cursed expedition would deliberately show wrong map modifiers to lure people in. Like showing +Pilgrim’s coins while having +Specials. Gameplay- and decision-wise it would be a nightmare and hugely unpopular. But it would fit so well with the lore.

That said, it doesn’t excuse that we have this #name for weeks already.


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