Piracy is the only way to preserve fantastic classic video games. Discuss

PIRACY BAD. We get it.

But I’m a sucker for the older games, and unless there’s a remaster like Day of the Tentacle, or some other classic games ported to current-gen systems then I think that actually, piracy is the only way of making sure older brilliant games aren’t lost forever.

So, I’m promoting piracy as a method of keeping older games live for newer generations.

For me, it’s a massive nostalgia thing as I’m knocking on a bit and games like Ghouls and Ghosts, Chuckie Egg, Repton, Dragons Breath and other commodore Amiga Classics I’ve downloaded via… unethical means and got on an emulator on my system should be kept alive.

If any of you have watched the movie Ready Player One and got all the old game references then you’ll get where I’m coming from. My kids still give me a good ribbing for ACTUALLY PLAYING all the games that are counted as OLD in that movie.

So a couple of questions. When does piracy become ok? When does Nintendo,Sega or whoever give up defending something and it becomes abandonware? What’s your stance on piracy?


Are there any games from FS that are currently un available ? Like unless there is really no way of getting a game I won’t condone piracy (I did do it for Battle for the Middle Earth 2 since we lost the disk when I was young and you can’t buy it anymore)

So in short why talk about this here ?

Because it’s the lounge and we can chat about any kind of thing. I’m jsut interested in the general opinion on pirating older games or are we going to end up only seeing games like Outrun and Paperboy in museums.

Technology and games are becoming something spectacularly massive - both in terms of cultural impact and cold hard cash. The history of how we got here is going to become mainstream museum pieces within my lifetime I think,


Eh i am sure some would disagree with me but, i personally think it´s fine enough if the game isnt sold anywhere anymore or is made for a console that isnt/is very old.

But i am thankful since i got into it all pretty late so the oldest stuff i play is basically heroes of might and magic 5& Lotr: BfME 1.

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Although I’m too lazy to pirate these days, I seem to remember the notion of Piracy being bad to games to be a bit of baldedash: it doesn’t really damage the market as you’d generally not buy the games you pirate, and it’s a great way to promote a game. maybe you like a game you pirated and you end up buying it or eventually buy other products of the same company, or even if you do not, you end up suggesting them to friends and they do end up buying them. I’m by no means an expert on the matter, but I suppose it makes sense, considering the sheer amount of games that are out there.

I did pirate a lot in my youth, mostly to get old, abandoned games. Not only I had an emulator to play Grim Fandango, for example, I remember needing a program to keep my CPU busy enough so the game would allow me to play a section of it. I enjoyed it so much I bought the remastered edition when it was released on steam (even if I haven’t played it to this day) so I guess in my case that reasoning applies.
I wasn’t so lucky with Sword of the Berserk (I’m a fan of the manga), I couldn’t finish it cause due to the controls a section towards the end was virtually impossible to play :frowning:
If there was a remaster that ran on modern PCs I’d definitely buy it.

Nowadays, unless I really care about a game, I don’t buy it. If I was less lazy, maybe I’d pirate it to try it out, and I’d buy it if I liked it, so again.

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