Can fatshark commit to making the game work offline please?

Servers dont last forever, I’d really like to be assured I can atleast run the game offline with bots eventually so I can play it in 10/20 years.

(Why would you replay a 20 year old games? -I still replay dawn of war, it’s dawn of war)

vermintide 1 is 7 years old and still running
the game will continue to run so long as it’s somewhat profitable
having a server running in the basement in the hopes that someone will go in and throw some money at the cash shop is not an uncommon practice nowadays

and the game is technically not even out yet, don’t spout doom messages if the child isnt even born yet

No. If you pull this always online bull, you have the consequnces.

also Im told vermintide now works offline.

I’m pretty sure it will be much harder to complete the map with bots on 3+ difficulty. This game is not Vermintide 2.

then I wont play 3+ difficutly.