Now that Darktide is announced

Will V2 get a single player offline mode? It will be a shame to see this game become unplayable.

No one is saying support for Vermintide 2 is ending. They are already planning a future expansion and more careers.

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I don’t think they’re going to stop updating Vermintide 2 once darktide comes out, since there is a chaos wastes expansion coming, versus mode and also atleast 4 new careers.

I’m concerned that this will make updates come out way slower with their attention on darktide, but I can safely assume that vermintide is going to get updated for a least 2 more years if they go ahead with what they promised.

Darktide hasn’t just been flung together this week. I suspect the progress has been slow in the recent past because someone has been diverted to Darktide, but now FS are back full steam ahead to keep VT2 going.

I think FS had really made a concerted effort to do things much differently in 2020, and were doing just fine with the release of Drakenfels, Grail Knight, some improvements to how LEoW worked and
the development of the Chaos Wastes expansion.

I think COVID wrecked those plans quite a lot.

So although I have concerns we’re going to see the same awful crafting /deeds /droprate /rerolling/cosmetic problems in DT I think VT2 is going to comparatively healthy for some time. My greatest wish is that the massive and painful lessons of VT2 will be learned - but some of the best stuff from VT1 was ignored for VT2 so I have some trepidation.

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