Ping System sluggishness prevents usage

I love ping systems in games. I was thrilled when I saw this one had a more fleshed out system than the previous titles. But the advanced ping wheel is too slow to use holding M3 just takes too long to load the menu. Look at a game like League which has a lightning fast ping wheel that allows for quick comms eve in the heat of battle.
On PC I’d also expect to be able to bind specific keys to immediately use certain callous (like go here) bypassing the wheel entirely.

The fundamentals are there, just a little polish to smooth out the experience.


Yeah, I missed the ping system from the closed beta, would be cool to have an option to switch between the two in the settings.

It’s also lacking some options, like “come here” or “Yes” and “No” like Vermintide 2 has.

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Bumping this, I agree. It feels clunky.

Yeah I have no clue why they changed how it works compared to VT2 where the quickchat system is instant and works even if you don’t wait for the UI to popup.

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social interaction & the stances, i miss them :face_exhaling: