Petition to make Twinz weekly a gamemode

Should Twinz weekly be available all the time?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but removed when deed rework arrives.

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I honestly enjoy Twinz so much, wondering what everyone thinks of it. it’s a shame its gone every week.


No, let’s instead have the random bomb weekly event that is extremely tedious and doesn’t make the game more fun.


Yea, twinz is the only one i enjoy personally, they could make a twinz deed on rework which would be cool.

Haha the bomb one is annoying as hell with bots, and with not alot of players playing the weekly you kind of need bots or a premade party. It’s funny tho when played with friends, can get some funny moments sometimes.

What about the stay together or carry the statue everybody hates?

When they introduced Twinz, I thought “This is going to be great!”. Everything after was a huge disapointment.


Personally, I would rather have darkness.

Or A Quiet Drink.

Or the nighttime versions of the maps.

Yes absolutely, but there’s a lot of bugs and crashes with twins I’d like to see fixed as well if that comes to pass, like ammo regen on waystalker off host and just the crashing in general.

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Even if this poll gets alot of ‘yes’ fatshark wont make it permant im pretty sure, just nice to see how many people like it. And yes it has issues with talents not proccing etc.

We will probably get some kind of twinz rework or weekly modifiers added to deeds when the deed rework comes, or maybe i’m just getting my hopes up and they will just increase deed drop rates


Yes please.