Petition to Inquire: in re: FatShark Communication

My point is that Hedge tried to use “lore” to dismiss what were valid gameplay concerns, and then Fatshark managed to create a lore reason to include a gameplay mechanic anyway.

Also, I would like to point out that salvage does not necessarily just mean relics from centuries or millennia ago, or pulled off the cold, dead hands of heretics; for all we know a pristine Arbites or PDF armoury was found and “reassigned”, or a shipment of arms freshly manufactured by a forge world or Atoma was intercepted or confiscated.


Wasn’t there a video where we were actually doing just that?

Yes, but I said our supply of weapons is not just that.

According to Zola, it actually kinda is.

I don’t expect any meaningful communication until late June
Fatshark only released an achievement update which they considered major and took them 5 months of nothing to release a month ago

Farshark always take ages to do anything after an update we’re just itching for something anything now because we’ve gone ages without any actual content.

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I mean we certainly will have some communications on Skull… as they are listed for it

There is already one.
They don’t communicate unless they are forced to. And when they are forced to, they don’t give details unless there is a players riot.

BUT, I would say that the community is part of this problem… considering the reactions seen by the past, I can understand that they are reluctant to communicate.

Anyways, every time they communicate, I can’t understand what they want to describe as they don’t tell us exactly what we will got, but just an idea. Well, let’s say it, I never get this idea so I stopped to consider these posts… I read them, but they bring me nothing.

What is missing actually is a roadmap… But we will never get that, this would mean lot of communication… and FS fails on this area and badly.

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I think that’s on them [FatShark] though.

They’re the one charging for a game that is severely lacking, they’re the ones making the mis-steps, they’re the ones hiding in their room and refusing to speak to anyone, they’re the ones making updates with approximately as much frequency as when Vesuvius erupts, should I go on?

God knows I’m not saying the community is flawless, but comparing the community’s mistakes to FatShark’s is a false equivalency.


This is what I point…
I don’t put the blame entirely on the community. Fatshark creates the game and so they are the main responsibles of the relation between them and their customers.
However, the community reactions and voices could make them reluctant to communicate, fearing the consequences of a bad word.

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Well the situation was created by FS wholly, like their repeated failing bred the community of today, and at this point it’s par for the course, but at that point it’s better to not want to much communication, as when they do communicate they often make things worse than they were previously, just letting them do their things and enjoy the game, that’s what I did with VT2

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