[Performance] Nvidia update or server?


I don’t know if it’s because of the nvidia update yesterday or the servers?

But the game now runs worse performance-wise than before?

What’s going on? Anyone the same problem since yesterday?

Thanks in advance.

Rollback the drivers and tell us. I haven’t toched the drivers since the previous update.

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Yep had some sub 60 dips after that last Nvidia update but I haven’t played since today’s patch. Hopefully my performance is not dipping now, I’m still angry we’re not at the level of stability we had in the pre order beta.

the game needs a lot of optimization can not be that a driver update makes so problems, but I do not even think that it is because of that, was also bad before, but now worse…

It’s the game. It’s always been the game.

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All the less reasons to even consider coming back.

i havent updated Driver yet also because i saw this post and my game runs fine on HD res no RTX on a gtx2070.

Anyone has updated and got problems?