Performance issue on new gpu

Hello, I recently got a free gpu from a friend who upgraded to a 3080. I received a 1660 ti and decided to replace my 1060 for now, not too much of an upgrade but DDR6 memory and newer nvenc encoder for streaming is a plus I though. I currently am using a Ryzen 5 1600 and 16gb of ram at 2666.

I used DDU to nuke all my drivers before swapping cards to avoid any issues just in case. I cranked the settings up to max preset and my CPU runs at around 50-60% and my GPU runs at 90-99%.

My issues is when I lower the settings to get more fps or less dips in fps (falling to 30-40 during hordes) I don’t see a difference except my GPU usage goes down and sits at 40-50% now. CPU still 50-60% so it’s not a bottleneck right? Why doesn’t lowering the settings increase performance? It just seems to not take advantage of GPU.

This didn’t happen with my 1060 it would always sit at 99% utilization. Any suggestions on a fix? This is running with DX11.

I’m not the most technical person here, but i’ll try.

Gpu doesn’t really impact the performance of the game. Ofcourse it impact its a bit, but vermintide takes alot of power from the cpu. Those dips to 40 frames you are mentioning are due to alot of enemies and the cpu having issues.

As far as i know, dx12 is best if you have a better gpu. It will stutter a bit the first time you run trough a map, as it will cache textures or shaders (not sure). Dx11 is best if low gpu, but don’t quote me on that. Try for yourself, but don’t give up on dx12 if it stutters the first few times.

Something else you might try is increasing the amount of cores it takes advantage off. Again, not too sure how this works, but i think using one below the max you are able is best. ( Select that in launcher somewhere.))

Side note: i did notice myself that my fps is very bad lately. Sometimes i get 30 fps during alot of enemies, and sometimes i can above 60 steadily. It varies and i have never been able to find out why. I think some parts are badly optimized but i’m not sure.

Hope this helps.

Vermintide 2 is extremely more into the CPU side of things if you want massive fps improvement’s, doubly so if you are the one hosting games.
With ryzen CPU I would highly suggest first of all checking on the launcher if you have all the possible Worker threads enabled. At least for my 3600x I gain pretty noticeable fps gains from here alone.

After that its really all about just nuking everything in the graphics settings that says high CPU usage and maybe increase the ones using gpu more now that you had an upgrade.

Also as @Mattie stated some of the maps have horrible dips now for some reason. It could be related to the new weather or something but its noticeable.

I just found it out with the maximum graphics preset it was using 90-99% of my GPU but lowering settings only lowered GPU usage and didn’t do much in terms of FPS despite my CPU usage staying steady around 50-60% either way. I have it set to 9 worker cores (10 being max) as this is the default. I will try DX12 and see if that works thanks for the suggestion.

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It has default of 9 workers threads with 10 being max so I left it at 9. Going to try to switch to DX12 and see if there’s a difference and I’ll neuter some of the high CPU usage settings, Thanks for the input!

In terms of settings, targeting the ones under lightning for me at least have given considerable fps gains in the past so that is probably good place to start. Also make sure if you are using DX12 to test same map 2-3 times before coming to conclusions because of the shader caching.

Anyways I wish you luck since this games performance even on better hardware is never guaranteed.

The only high cpu settings are Local Light Shadow Quality, Sun Shadows, Max Shadow Casting Lights and I set these all to low with Max Shadow Casting Lights set to 1. There is an option to turn these off but I wouldn’t want to miss out on the graphics if it destroys the look of anything.

I’ve seen streamers play some areas that are really dark and cool looking but for some reason with my old settings (all set to low/off pretty much) the areas were just light and not much darkness to it so I’m trying to make it look better I guess.

Yea its weird. i don’t know why this happens for you. I would have to check but i’m pretty sure my cpu usage is pretty high. Maybe try putting priority on high with taskmanager (i don’t know if that will make it use cpu more though).

It’s ok, I switched to DX12 and it runs fine but I did a whole map and monitored my GPU usage and it didn’t go above 5% then it hit me task manager might be lying so opened hwmonitor and shows correct gpu usage of 95-99% during game. Guess I didn’t think about that!

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This is usually tied to Ambient Light quality setting.It’s what causes the Righteous Stand end event to look dark,Skittergate’s snow area tunnel and some other areas I can’t remember.

Setting your gamma lower is a cheap and easy way to make the game look better too

Is Vermintide 2 running as expected for you now after having switched to DirectX 12 @PestControl?

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