Performance Hit After Update

Issue Description:
After latest patch, performance has a noticeable drop as reported by other users as well on steam forums.
Steps to Reproduce:
Launch game. Particularly bad on the mission Hab Dreyko Transit Hub HL-16-11, “Chasm Terminus” where you scan the infection sites. Did not have performance issues on this map when it was in game prior before being removed.


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)
console-2022-11-29-10.03.46-78d643de-3e13-4009-afcf-2566016da74c.log (642.1 KB)

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not only on HL-16-11.
it’s happening on any map. my performance is so bad i can’t play the game. It was absolutely perfect since the beta started. Please revert the update :frowning:

They added a bunch of logging tools in the last update. Those come with a performance hit. It’s unfortunate, but hopefully they can use the tools to fix some problems and then remove the logging tools to restore performance.

I’m getting issues too. Both a bit of stuttering and maybe a little laggy. Also, a memory leak that crashes the game when all RAM’s been used up :frowning:

I mean I get it, but I literally can’t even finish a game now.

This game was already optimized like Garbage… Now… I’ve played 12 games, and all 12 games have crashed before I can complete them.

This patch has literally broken the game.

The game was already horrible optimized now I can’t even maintain 60 fps on low settings. Ryzen 5 3600 with 3060 ti. All settings low, DLSS on balanced.

Can’t even edit the config file anymore to get some better performance, as it now resets everytime.

The betas ran like ass. I was looking forward to a nice performance bump on full release, didn’t actually expect it to get even worse.

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